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  1. Well you have to play to the market, so I always thought a emergent gameplay with tons of options would work. 

    I imagine RPG elements, a bit like Dishonored, where you can choose stealth or combat skill trees. As long as the game is set mostly at night you could build it so that people can play however they want, but keep within that the option to play in hardcore stealth mode.

    And of course, have VR as an option but not make it a VR only game. 

  2. You're supposed to disregard the content of the posts themselves - they'll just be deleted at some point anyway. It's his signature that he wants you to see. Didn't you notice all the colorful and fancy fonts?

    One of the nice features of this forum software is the ability to permanently ignore another member's signature if you find it too large, intrusive, garish or otherwise in poor taste.

  3. Doctor, my eyes

    Tell me what is wrong

    Was I unwise to leave them open for so long

    'Cause I have wandered through this world

    And as each moment has unfurled

    I've been waiting to awaken from these dreams


    What now?

  4. I had an idea that was like this but even more ambitious. I thought about an procedural open world game where there's a totally open city with a living economy, you thieve mansions, and as you get money you buy property around the city--a mansion, guards, staff, warehouses, ships, political office--and slowly build yourself a criminal empire and become a crime baron in the city. It's turning it into a different game, but a fun alternative one IMO.


    I had a similar idea, in terms of the living economy, but where you can get intel about a place by visiting it (during the day or night) in another role. You'd have a "front" as a shopkeeper or artisan or something and then maybe visit a mansion to deliver something. Whilst you're there you get chance to scout things out and store the info for later. Your job would give you different skills (a blacksmith would be a better lockpick, a painter would spot more valuable art) and you'd have to both manage your job and be careful what you robbed because people would get suspicious if every time a new sculpture was delivered a burglar broke in later that night.

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  5. Thiaf is a smelly landfill with bits of treasure to dig out, and spend the rest of their lives whitewashing while we can only watch with raised eyebrows. EM made this game for SOMEbody, and of course, a few of those target-audience members will come around and...over-compensate.


    Goodly members that keep asking questions that cannot be answered outside of PMs...for shame! :P

    No one is over-compensating and no questions cannot be answered outside of PMs.

    Ok sorry guys, I was just keeping the spirit of "Thief 4 is trash..." alive. And I had seen Subjecive Effects over at TTLG bashing the contextual movement pretty bad, I didnt know that had changed.

    How has it changed? The contextual movement is the worst thing about the game. It's almost unreal for Dishonored to have more Thief-like movement than Thief.


    That doesn't mean you can't enjoy the stealth in the game. It's not what it could be but meh, I can't get too worked up about it. It stops you exploring like you should, but it largely doesn't stop you from sneaking about.

  6. Yeah, everyone knows it's not a glitch.


    There's a quote function to maintain conversational flow.


    Do you really want people quoting everything they reply to? Even when they are replying to the post directly above them?

  7. I turned the objective indicator off now as well and have been playing with no hud and object highlight and its ok. I have the minimap enabled but you have to hit M to toggle it on or off. That's what I do in lue of a compass. If I want to get my bearings, I hit M, get bearings and then hit M again to turn it off. Its just like a compass only not and more like a gps but its what we have to work with.

    That's exactly what I'm doing.


    I couldn't play it if I wanted to. This is a factual statement, and I can say that with more authority and knowledge than anyone can moan and bitch say that I cannot judge it thus.

    Yeah we know you can't play it. You can't really know what it's like because of that though, can you? It's so different (inferior) to Thief 1 and 2 that you probably wouldn't want to anyway.


    But original trilogy didn't have any of those things anyway... :P It is nice that you can disable those features, I just don't believe they should be there in the first place.

    That's why I disabled them.


    I don't mind them being there if it gets more people into Thief though, no matter what their route in. If people like this and start playing Thief 1 or 2 or TDM FMs because of it that's a good thing, no?


    When I hear long time "fans" fawning over the new game they sometimes say something that makes me throw up in my mouth. It is this: "Im playing with all the settings to as close as possible to the originals". In light of the obliterated free form movement, what does that even mean?! As close to the originals as possible. I laugh my ass off at you for even saying something as silly as that. Why not just tattoo a dollar bill to your forehead its that silly.

    It's how I like to play it. So what? The contextual movement has completely changed the way you play. This is mechanically far, far inferior to Thief 1 and 2. No one is denying that. Doesn't mean you can't enjoy it for what it is. I don't expect my bacon sandwiches to taste like a jamon bocadillo.

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  8. Play how YOU want. You can customize EVERYTHING. ALL is optional.


    You can moan all you want (about a gave you've never played) but the fact is - new Thief is the most customisable game, in terms of difficulty settings/rules and interface/hud elements, ever.




    The most customisable.


    It's flawed in many ways but the customisation is second to none (from the menu, without having to play with files) and that is pretty damn awesome.


    I'm playing on Master difficulty, no reticule, no mini-map, no Focus, no combat takedowns/aerial takedowns, no alert markers on AI, no waypoints, no loot glint, no interaction prompts and with difficult economy. My rope arrows cost 600g (450g now since I got an upgrade) instead of 75g. That's pretty damn amazing. The only things I have on are the light gem and object highlighting. I've set it to as close to classic Thief as possible. On my settings I can't even knock out civilians so cooks and servants have to be ghosted.


    A compass would be nice. This level of customisation is infinitely nicer.

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  9. Here it is: http://community.eid...A-2?theme=thief


    And I quote:

    "I mean, already, if you look back at what we showed from the House of Blossoms, the whole den is set in the Keeper library from the classic games. If you look back behind the velvet curtains, you’ll see the gothic library taken directly from the Keepers Library in the classic games. We actually built from the design of the original library map – the structure, the levels, the whole location – when you play through you’ll even be able to find hidden, remaining parts of the Library in the basement. It’s a major beat, that level is all about exploring that old location."


    In other news - you suck at googling. :P

  10. The layout may not be the exact same in game but the devs built and based the level on the actual level, as in the actual in-game level, from TDS.


    It didn't really feel that familiar to me either but I've only played TDS once and it was ages ago. It's not like I'm comparing it to a Thief 1 or 2 level.


    We could (if were geeky enough) compare it...


    Here is a map of the TDS lower libraries:






    I haven't finished House of Blossoms yet so I can't tell if that's accurate. I will say this though - the columns in there remind me of the TDM training mission and that level is nothing like the brothel level in Dishonored.

  11. This has been known for a long, long time.


    The House of Blossoms is in the Keeper Library from TDS.


    Not A Keeper Library, THE Keeper Library. This in-game map is even built on THE in-game map from TDS. Seriously. There are Keeper statues and symbols all over that place. Even as you walk in there is a massive Keeper symbol on the wall (as you descend). That's the first clue.

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  12. the download section looks cramped and the size of the missions has merged with the dates, and am looking at it on a screen width set to 1280 so on a cell phone it would probably look even more cramped.


    No, no it won't. It's a responsive site. Try changing your browser size. The way it resizes can be altered too.


    I've altered it a bit - it has a responsive background, an outline and the missions list is in smaller text.


    Have a look.

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