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  1. No problem there, I've been able to go through the doors without difficulty before.
  2. Okay, I found out that I actually have a 550W power supply not the original 300 W. I did a little searching on the Nvidia forums and found out that some of the 3D high performance games are having difficulties running with the latest videos cards especially for the 285 and 295 GTX's. I am going to try and find some older drivers - if that is possible and see it that helps. Quick question for those with these videos cards, what is your driver version?
  3. Well its the internet, somebody like that always appears. Yikes, what negative opinion about 64-bit, while there are some issues with quad processors and 64 bit, it is rare to have a problem with every game except for fairly old games like pre-02 or 03 and only sometimes. (the 32 bit compatibility of Vista is actually pretty good) Also he seems to not like reading/comprehending our posts. As far as my problem, I have a 500 W power supply and the video card requires 550 W, so that is probably the problem. If so, the power supply must have a good means of cutting off power without turning my whole computer completely off. It seems to still provide power up to the max, then cuts off power to just the video card, which restarts again as power is provided and I get some form of black screen. I've also been having a few issues with T2 as well, though it either crashes or goes to almost all black except for some sky lighting whenever too much occurs.
  4. If that was the issue, I would think that my problems would not be isolated to just doom3 but would affect my whole system causing a reboot, shut down, or computer freeze. When the game freezes, I am able to actually access and use task manager and subsequently return to the desktop upon ending the task. Edit: well unless the power supply was upgraded from the original model, I must have a 300 Watt Power supply....Doom3 does play fine on the lowest settings though (just not on medium).
  5. Well, I am able to get much farther in Doom 3 than before from a fresh boot up, however it still freezes. It would appear that for some reason, my system (almost certainly video card) is being overtaxed far more than it should be for an 04/05 game. Right now I am at a total loss as to how to deal with this problem as tests I have performed have found no issue what so ever.
  6. Okay, I deleted the game files using Steam, deleted all of the remaining files including dark mod stuff, installed doom3 and now it is freezing without doing anything to it. (oh and the steam version is the latest version...there is no patching and never supposed to be any patching required for steam games - manually anyway) Edit: looked at the steam log, and apparently the game goes to a black screen because it has stopped recieving any new frames....which makes sense as the game halts, monitors blacks out (no display), and then I get a black screen (display).
  7. Okay, I delete local game files using Steam for Doom3, Steam reinstalls doom3 and it doesn't freeze. Then I copy and paste back in back ups of darkmod and the two fm folders, but it still crashes. In fact, Doom3 is crashing again. I will now try a complete reinstall of both to see if maybe I can get darkmod to work. I am currently that the problem lies in a config file or dll that I ended up pasting over with an older version (apparently removing game files keeps all of the mod stuff intact and when doom3 was reinstalled it changed something in the config file). I think that the problem here is that the patch you suggest using screws up the steam version of doom3 in some fashion with regards to configurations or something. (which makes sense as apparently the Steam version is up to date, so nobody with the steam version would have encountered my problem as they didn't update their steam version like I thought I had to) If this is the case, I would suggest putting a warning saying that the steam version of Doom 3 is up-to-date and that updating it manually will cause freezing/crashing in-game. Edit: My Video card and system is not supposed to be overclocked and my computer (or at least my processor) is not overheating.
  8. If that were the problem, I would think it would prevent me from playing the game at all.
  9. Realtek High Definition Audio and EAX is and has been off. oh and FYI, the music continues without a problem when it goes to a black screen. Edit: I decided to check the version of room (which is correct), but I noticed where it gave me 12 warnings of being unable to load images related to extinguishable light. Would cause this kind of the issues I'm having? Here are the warnings or at least the 11 that it would show me and yes that period warning is what it gave me: Couldn't Load Image: . Couldn't Load Image: extinguishable/lamp_shaded Couldn't Load Image: extinguishable/lantern_oil_hand Couldn't Load Image: extinguishable/lantern_oil_hand02 Couldn't Load Image: extinguishable/round_lantern_sitting Couldn't Load Image: extinguishable/round_lantern_unattached Couldn't Load Image: extinguishable/streetlamp/roundstreetlamp Couldn't Load Image: extinguishable/streetlamp/roundstreetlamp_02 Couldn't Load Image: extinguishable/wallight2 Couldn't Load Image: extinguishable/wallight_3_unattached Couldn't Load Image: extinguishable/wallight_outdoor3 Edit2: nevermind, I tried Doom3 and it crashes right when you are about to be bioscanned...only this time the screen goes grayish white instead of black...go figure. Edit3: Dang it....looks like I'm going to be the odd one out from here on, no Dark mod missions for me.
  10. After a few minutes, the training mission crashes and never in the same place: so far object room, lockpick room, archery range, central room, and even outside. The game however, doesn't actually crash, it just hangs for a second, goes to black screen and I have to go to the task manager to end the game (without the use of my mouse as my pointer refuses to move). I have the correct Doom version (followed the patch link on the Dark mod wiki) and I have steam loading up dark mod directly (-applaunch 9060...). I am running a gateway PC with Vista 64 bit OS, intel quad core, Nvidia GeForce GTX 285, and I think 4 Gb of Ram. I've already tried dropping the resolution down to widescreen (16:10) 1080 x 600 and standard shading with all of the other setting off or low. Any ideas what the problem might be? Conflict between Doom and the quad core or the drivers of video card? Edit: updated my video drivers and no luck, still crashes PS From what I have played so far, I love it. Esp. the jumping and mantling mechanic, a far side improvement over T2, but similar enough that I don't have to adjust hardly at all to jump effectively.
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