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  1. Me too Sotha. I've been using the graphically enhanced port, D2X-XL, for years to play the various singleplayer campaigns and I recently started using DXX-Rebirth to play online with others. I figured that with SolC on the horizon, I'd better get in some multiplayer practice.
  2. I played Into Cerberon so much when they were working on it (the companion Doom 3 mod to my other favorite game series). I think I still have it installed as a matter of fact and now I want to go fire it up. Sure it changed or eliminated some of Descent's basic mechanics but it was hugely fun and so nice to look at... *sigh* SolC started out much like Into Cerberon, as a modern recreation of Descent but when Interplay hit them with a cease and desist, they reworked it and turned it into a new IP so that they could continue. It's really encouraging to see it hitting release after all the dram
  3. Do any of you remember playing Descent back in the 90s? It was one of my first games when I was little and has been one of my favorites ever since. There's never been anything quite like it in terms of player movement, it pioneered 6 Degrees of Freedom for gaming which allowed the player to pilot their ship in any direction (including vertically) at will. This led to a unique style of game which has been imitated but never matched, until now http://preparefordescent.com/ For the last three years a small team of dedicated fans has been working to create a spiritual successor, that aims to
  4. Those two cvars did the trick for me as well. Many thanks nbohr1more. It's still not perfect. Every time I restart the Dark mod I have to open the .cfg, re-type the (seta com_videoRam "512") command and resave the file. If I don't do that, I continue to get the same crash and malloc error. Even weirder the text in the .cfg doesn't revert back to seta com_videoRam "128". The game just seems to want me to resave the .cfg file each time I start it. Annoying, but I have been able to play through St. Lucia (amazing map), and started William Steel In the North. I love The Dark Mod and the help
  5. Good call nbohr1more. Here's the file. Doubling my page file did nothing. Darkmodcfg.txt
  6. The 4gb patch had no effect. Same error exactly. I tried to attach my darkmod.cfg but it seems that I'm not allowed to post either .cfg or .zip files. Is there an uploading protocol that I'm unaware of? Would enlarging my page file possibly help? I'll try that. Thanks for the ideas P.S. It seems very strange to me that this would start happening after I had successfully loaded and played through St. Lucia. The only thing thing that changed from one play that worked and the next that failed was that I saved my game. Now even a total reinstall doesn't help
  7. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately it didn't make any difference. I still get exactly the same error message.
  8. Hello all, I've just updated to 1.08 and started playing St. Lucia. Initially it ran beautifully. I saved the game and quit the program. The next time I tried to run The Dark Mod all seemed well until I tried to start the mission. The game crashed from the loading screen and gave me the following message: Since then every map I try to load does the same thing with a similar message. I have tried a clean reinstall of both Doom 3 and The Dark Mod but with no success. Any suggestion would be appreciated since I sincerely love this mod. Thanks
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