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  1. I'll have 2 or 3 tracks up on rapidshare this week - I'll post a link here when it's done.
  2. Hello, I'm pretty handy with sound production software, and I excel at moody, ambient tracks that would be well suited for TDP. I have some demo mp3s that were NOT made with thief in mind, but they are a showcase of the types of textures I am capable of producing. I am fluent in: garageband, ableton live, audacity. I am a Mac user who dual boots XP. I would like to contribute sounds akin to the ambiance of Thief I. In my opinion, that soundtrack was the most steam-punk / industrial of the 3 games, which really added to the creep-and-grit-factor so integral to my thief-related memories.
  3. first of all let me say this is one hell of an amazing job you people have done. I've been a thief fan for too long now and I feel like this is the first project to get the feel of thief right since 2001! ( Sorry TUT, it was fun, but It was missing something...) I've played through the origional FMs and they were fun, but I was overjoyed to see the first full-sized FM release the other day. Only problem is, it ALWAYS crashes for me! Random times, but always outside. It seems to happen when i move into an area with a lot of new geometry to render at the same time. 2 gig ram ati 1600x 12
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