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  1. Finally running TDM. Cool.

  2. Yea Vista but I am Administrator, with UAC turned off, I know being "admin" on vista doesn't mean you get the same permissions as Xp, but I followed http://www.howtogeek...-windows-vista/ and got full admin permissions and whatnot. I also turned off my firewall during patching.. So i don't really see why It wouldn't change the .exe. Luckily I found some since forgotten guide on patching Doom 3 and he explained briefly how the .exe interacts with the .pak files.. or something like that. and I figured either the .pak files where incorrect or the .exe was, and fortunately, it was the .exe since I don't know where I would have found the right .pak files.. or if it even works that way indeed. Sorry if the post seems rather unnecessary, but I seriously would have appreciated finding this tip out when I first tried running the dark mod about 2 years ago. I almost gave up, but thief 4 has renewed my interest in stealth genres.. and thief in particular.
  3. Hey guys, I searched the forums but couldn't find a post already addressing this fix for the "wrong api dll version" crash you get when trying to run doom 3 with the wrong patch. So if it's old news (which assuredly it is) then my bad, destroy my post. So I patched doom by running the correct patch, the pak files updated, but I still kept getting the wrong api version crash. I ended up looking at my version through the .exes properties and noticed it was still 1.3.01 (or whatever it was) so I did a quick search and found a working Doom 3 1.3.1 crack, and replaced the exe with it, and it fixed it. So perhaps now people searching through countless search engines will be able to find this fix.. can anyone tell me why my .exe wasn't updated from the patcher?
  4. Did you try playing around with the Standard/Fast Ambient and Rendering settings in the Graphics Options Menu ? Maybe it helps. Yea I set both to standard. Looks nice, I see no real difference, which is cool, besides the LACK OF WHITE SQUARES ALL OVER THE PLACE OH MY GOD. Ok thanks, time to have fun on the bun. What a nice community. On an off note is what I heard when it worked.
  5. Well, I updated my drivers.. nothing changed.. driver version is in the screen-shot There's just one, until i take more later, if anyone needs them.. And when I say "super smooth" it's relative, like 25 fps, which for me is great, since the game looks nice. Halo 1 maxed out still lags for me. as an example. Oh and last night the screenshots weren't saving, but today i typed in "screenshot' and it all started working, and last nights screens also were in the folder, which was empty last night.. Weird.. However they are saving at around 900kb.. which is to large, obviously.. And they are saved in some weird quicktime format. But that's kind of irrelevant. These white areas are not affecting gameplay, beside the cosmetic view of it.. Oh yea fraps worked great, thanks.
  6. Sorry for posting so much, but I'm going to bed, it's been a long day filled with TDM related stress.. But before I go, I did run the updater again, and everything checked out ok, so I'm sure that it is my graphics card, and not the files. Again, this issue occurs usually in moonlight, not the beams that stream through windows, but actually outside lighting. At least, im assuming it's lighting, because it happens primarily outside, an entire wall of that big tower in the archery area that has rope arrows in it is bright white, and I can see what looks like the outlines of the bricks though. Everything else if fine, and there are no issues like this in Doom 3 at all. I have pixel shader 3.0, if that matters.. But regardless of all that, I do meet the system requirements, and everything else is A-ok except for the screenshots not saving, f12 does nothing at all for me, and I don't know the command to make a keybind for screenshots.
  7. bind screenshot f12 didn't work, and prntscreen only brings up a large grey square when i paste it. It's not like solid blocks, like the wood grain on a pank may be solid white, or the pattern on stones.. I think it's a lighting issue.. And it happens outside primarily.. it's abundant in the archery area, and the jumping/mantling area.. This is really annoying, and it's blinding too, I can tell this game would be fun on the bun, if not for this bug i'm having.. I searched the forums for a similar problem but it seems nobody else has the issue.. my graphics card isn't the best, but it's enough. Geforce 71000 series.. Again, super super smooth playing, great fps. I rarely get that, in any game. So that is awesome. But i'm going off subject.
  8. In that case, f12 isn't saving screenshots, there is no screenshots folder.. I guess ill just prntscreen and save them in paint..
  9. Ok, the game runs 100% smooth, which is great! Especially considering my FPS wasn't the best with vanilla Doom. However, I've noticed on different areas in the training mission that the textures? are bright white, with no detail. And on a tree in the archery area I can see Green lines on the branches at different angles.. I would post screens if I knew where they saved to. It's almost like it's lighting, since if I walk into a white area on the ground, my bow turns white as well.. Like the moonlight is a texture destroying death beam.. I've heard some people have issues with graphics, because of bloom.. I saw nowhere in the setting to turn bloom off.. So if someone would direct me to that, and wherever screenshots are saved, I would appreciate it.
  10. Ok yep, that was it right there. I noticed it was making a separate folder called "darkmod" and I was wondering why it wasn't in TDM's directory.. The game is working, and I have played the training mission for about a minute, so it works. I declare my issue resolved. Thank you, denizens of TDM's forums.. Nah, I don't really talk like that.
  11. Nice, now TDM loads up fine, no errors at all, but instead of actually running TDM, it runs Doom 3, which doesn't really work, the taskbar is visible, and the screen blinks white on and off.. But Doom 3 works fine If I go ahead and run it through Doom3.exe Any help?
  12. That part may be a definite. And 5 or 6 hours is forever, when it's the only thing you are doing. I have a legit copy of Doom 3 now, and it seems the problem is fixed. I'm not sure what was wrong before but the patch has installed correctly now, and everything is go, now TDM is installing. IF it doesn't work this time, I'll wait for thief 4 for a while.. Thanks guys, sorry for the impatience.
  13. Hmm.. It seems everyone is just as stumped as I am.. Oh well.. On to other games.
  14. When I said " I don't know where else to go" I wasn't referring to a download link or anything, just somewhere for help in general. That's what I did. I uninstalled everything after the first failed attempt, and then reinstalled everything again, including TDM, and then I went straight to the wiki page, and downloaded the patch, and then that's when TDM started running Doom 3, which crashed shortly after startup. Is it possible for me to unzip the contents of the patch and manually install them in the directories they belong in?
  15. Well that's the problem.. I think you missed a part of my post "So I make a fresh install of Doom 3 again, and I check out the version number in-game (Doom 3 works until I patch it) and it is So before I patch it, I try a fresh install of TDM AGAIN. and now it runs vanilla Doom 3. like the application was just doom 3 with a different icon and filename. I patch the game. and now I get the same exact console thing again.. the Wrong game DLL API Version one." The issue is getting Doom 3 to patch to 1402. Once I patch it, it crashes. Which is weird. because post-patch, I crash and the log says that I am If I am still, what did the updater change to make me crash I wonder?
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