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    I never completed Thief2. I made it to the last mission, got distracted and did something else. I never returned. Ever. Can you forgive me?

    I'm in that same boat with System Shock 2 :P, got the game fully modded, but the environment is scary as hell at times.



    Nothing to be ashamed of. Even if you did have a PC good enough to run such games, there wasn't much of an internet back then (unless you count queuing at a public library for a 30-minute session on a single shared machine connected to a 40kbps modem), so you had much less opportunity to discover new games unless they happened to appear on the cover disk of a PC magazine.

    Internet only became affordable in my country a few years ago, before that it was around $1 pay-per-minute on a 56k. Now most here can afford 1-4mb dsl lines lol.


    If you look for specified game-genres on game newssite, you never miss great games like this game.

    Search for genres (of a combination of it) like stealth, first-person shooter, action rpg, free-roaming, etc.


    Old games i reconmmend are the thief-, deus ex-, splinter cell-, S.t.a.l.k.er-, elder scrolls-, systemshock- and bio shock series.

    Or upcoming games like metal gear 5 and fallout 4.


    Thanks, I already have played most of them and own a few, I just meant that back in the late 90's, early 2000's I didn't know about Thief or SS2, mainly played Quake, Unreal Tournament and star craft back then.

  3. Hi guys. This is my first post. I'm using DarkRadiant 2.0.2. I've run into a problem with Visportals or I'm doing something wrong. DarkRadiant seems to delete the brush I've made for Visportals after clicking on Make Visportal. Applying the Visportal texture also seems to delete the brush. I'm going to try the DarkRadiant 2.0.3 pre-build.

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