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  1. I tried the git clone from Codereader. Will try yours now.
  2. Wrote about this on the 2.0.2 release sticky. Got Vivid Ubuntu installed, libboost 1.54 is deprecated, so can't build from source or install from the .deb packages.
  3. Hi We need an update for the Vivid release of Ubuntu on the launchpad repository for Darkradiant. Going to build from source for now. Ok can't build, libboost 1.54 libraries are obsolute on the Vivid repository, need support for libboost 1.55.
  4. Robert Beckebans RBDoom3BFG has soft shadows, it may not work on the old Doom3 engine. The soft shadows he added looks quite fantastic in Doom 3.
  5. yetta

    I am ashamed

    I'm in that same boat with System Shock 2 , got the game fully modded, but the environment is scary as hell at times. Internet only became affordable in my country a few years ago, before that it was around $1 pay-per-minute on a 56k. Now most here can afford 1-4mb dsl lines lol.
  6. yetta

    I am ashamed

    Thanks, I already have played most of them and own a few, I just meant that back in the late 90's, early 2000's I didn't know about Thief or SS2, mainly played Quake, Unreal Tournament and star craft back then.
  7. Great mission, I enjoyed it, only drawback was some z-fighting here and there.
  8. I am ashamed that I never knew about great games like thief or System shock 2 when they were released, didn't really have a pc to run those anyways. Only now do I get to experience Thief through TDM and SS2 thanks to steam. Currently I'm mapping and creating assets for another id tech based project, but as I learn more about TDM i'd like to contribute to the community with new missions. First mission in mind, something in the line of Edgar Allen Poe and H.P Lovecraft maybe.
  9. Possible bug in this version, any selected brushes gets duplicated when autosave kicks in, as if spacebar was pressed.
  10. You are right Airship, thank you for the reply. Someone else pointed the filters out to me on github as well. Have to get use to Radiant again, haven't used it since DoomEdit in 2005.
  11. Hi guys. This is my first post. I'm using DarkRadiant 2.0.2. I've run into a problem with Visportals or I'm doing something wrong. DarkRadiant seems to delete the brush I've made for Visportals after clicking on Make Visportal. Applying the Visportal texture also seems to delete the brush. I'm going to try the DarkRadiant 2.0.3 pre-build.
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