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  1. I want to build from source, so I'm able to confirm that I'm actually running the source. I'm also playing with the thought of packaging TDM as a Debian package, but that mostly depends on available time in the near future and various other factors. A build log is attached. It contains a lot of errors, but I don't think I'm able to filter out the relevant parts. scons.log.txt
  2. I recently halfheartedly tried to comile TDM on my Debian Stretch (amd64) system. I didn't succeed, mostly due to the fact that I couldn't find any recent compiling instructions. The file COMPILING.txt just directs to this wiki site which seems terribly outdated and many of the listed dependencies aren't available in recent Debian versions anymore. I tried to just compile it by running scons, but I ran into lots of compilation errors, probably because I missed to do many things, which recent compiling instructions would tell me to do. Did I just not find recent instructions or are there really no recent instructions?
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