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  1. Thanks. I'd love to help voice some things, but I'm not sure I'm looking at the right pages in the wiki. The only thing I see that looks like a script is this one: http://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Vocal_Script:_Average_Jack Am I missing something?
  2. Hmmm... attachment didn't show up above. This should be better. thief.mp3
  3. I'm late to the party, I know... but I've been told I sound a bit like Garrett so I figured I'd offer my voice and see if anyone thinks it would be useful to them. Attached is a (somewhat rough) take with a couple lines from the series. [1] If you think I could be useful, let me know. If not, feel free to disregard. Thanks for producing such a kick-ass game/mod. Gear: Shure C03U, pop filter Sound-dampened recording room Software: Very poor. Not really my scene. [1] I blew the inflection on the "ly" of "probably". Sorry. Obviously if I were doing this for real I'd do another take.
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