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  1. Ah darnit! I'll post it via another site when I get home tonight
  2. Here it is. It's not really a map as it is just a room with a few floating blocks haha. Here is a single use link! https://www.justbeamit.com/zerqe
  3. Bikerdude, wouldn't that just filter them out in Dark Radiant? They show up there but not in the game. And Destined: I am using the same texture as the walls and those do show up!
  4. So I am actually using Dark Radiant to create a mod for Quadrilateral Cowboy. I am able to make a room out of brushes, load in the player and load up the map in the game. Hooray for me! But when I create another brush within the room it is invisible. I know it's there because there is a bounding box and I can climb on top of it but I cannot see it. Am I doing something wrong?
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