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  1. Script in attachment. it can generate additional packs with decoded tga textures, as it can be used for in-place texture insertion (useful for fms). license: public doman. it requires image magick. on my core 2 quad Q9400, using single core it takes less than 4 minutes to process all tdm files. generated files are 575mb in size. semi-playable on g43, 25 +/-10fps on 800x600 in training mission. textures sizes does not makes any difference: performance of image_downSizeLimit 512, image_downSizeBumpLimit 512 image_downSizeSpecularLimit 265 and image_downSizeLimit 2, image_downSizeBumpLimit 2, image_downSizeSpecularLimit 2 differs by 1-2 fps. not playable on GL960 it's 15 +/-10 fps on 800x600. buy the way, i will be extremely happy if someone confident will review script, just in case. regenerate_textures.txt
  2. tdm uses dds a lot. but, on linux, intel drivers does not supports s3tc due software patents. if you run tmd on intel card, it's just shows black screen with mouse pointer and plays nice main menu theme. and there is will be a lot of "Couldn't load image" warnings in log. at least console is functional, so it's possible to bring it up and type "quit" in my understanding, it's possible to write a script which will generate additional pk4 files with uncompressed tga textures, so d3 engine will use them instead of dds, so tdm will be playable on intel gma powered linux. i can handle coding and testing, i have x4500 (G43) and x3100 (GL960) hardware. but, i'm not familiar with doom3 engine in general, and tdm specifics (if any) in particular, so i will need some advice here. on the other side, on the same hardware, vanilla doom3 is playable. as far as i can see from pk4 contents, it's uses dds a lot too. i suppose, vanilla doom3 detects lack of GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3t extension and does unpacking manually. but, somehow, maybe as effect of tmdlauncher's work, same workaround does not works on tdm. wheresoever, i will be glad to see any feedback.
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