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  1. Some kind of 'Attack' effectiveness hud icon / crosshair.

    E.g.: the default white one turns red if its a Blackjack target that can't be knocked out ( Zombie / Heavy-helm guard), yellow if its dicey or unlikely, green for 100% effective. Same idea for the Sword - as some Undead are  invincible, but others can at least be chopped down (eventually).

  2. The Chu-ko-nu:


    "DO you FEEL Lucky, Taffer?"...

    Seems like a good Shop-keep emergency arm / Assassin type projectile weapon. Also VERY Asiatic.

    Poisoned Bolts might make up for its being under-powered, and - I suppose Antidotes doses would be purchasable too?


  3. Yeah; I'd almost expect an optional 'soft-sole' boots purchasable special equipment option...as the default boots are SUPER-LOUD ON COBBLE. Probably realistic - as rubber soles won't be common (guild Electrical Technician boots?).

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  4. In terms of levels of perfection - its only 3rd best because the others are so darn good. 😁

    Fine Architecture - Clever Plot, Maaabey a twist or two...heheh. Classic Good stuff. Also: Thank Goodness its not a Chase/Shadow mission again. I'm not quite finished yet, having done what I was tasked to do - but that seems like only 1/3 of whats possible....replay factor is HIGH.

    In short; If you've already Finished: Iris, Hazard Pay, 1st Lieutenant, and Volta's and the W.S. Series - play this next.

    The sense of connection - to the 1st mission is there too, I hope a 3rd part will be in the works too.

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  5. Dis-armament...

    So Armed foes drop their main weapon when downed - what if...They could be Dis-Armed in combat?

    Perhaps as an optional challenge this applied to players too?

    As to how it happens / what kind of combat technique, poor-block or random bad-luck...I'd leave that up to playtesting.

    This leaves another 'gap'; Unarmed/Melee fighters - whom might still be willing to fight on... implies the need for some kind of 'unarmed' stance / animation set  for this to work.

  6. S.L.L.: ... what a ride!

    Still I did not;


    Find the darned combo to the BIG safe in the Astral-plane... its probably in some book or note I missed or skipped reading; any hints?



    So the well burns everything in eternal flame....Uhm I'm "helping" the Lady but not quite sure that was what she'd want...Oh whelp.😬

    Yeah, chock-full-o-loot and still probably secrets left - poast moar!

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  7. Better Armed Guards & Mythos Creatures?

    I don't think the existing guards provide enough of a (apparent) threat or challenge, individually.
    They need to be better armed - could brandish;
    Halberds / Pikes / Spears, Double-headed Battle Axes, Latchet Crossbows...
    (Enemy-only weapons that arn't usable by the player.)

    16th century latchet crossbow (example)
    YT Video of Tod's #1
    YT Video of Tod's #2


    TDM is still missing the following T/T2/T3+ type
    'Dark' Mythos creatures:

    • Burrick (Belcher)
    • Tree-Shambler / Treant
    • Cray-men
    • Bug-Beast

    Any chances of seeing these? I miss chopping Burricks into cut-rate dino meat.

  8. Having played one too many plain boring ol' rob-a-mansion mission, I didn't expect much.

    However 'The Lady' has exquisite exterior architecture - more Castle/Fort like than most, the canal area surrounding it seems alive with its own nefarious sub-plots... Much to see and liberate - I'm only about 2/3 (?) of the way thru but I have the feeling there is STILL more in-store... But like a certain ornate cursed box, once you open it - Entertainment ensues 😉

    My Rating: Stop whatever you are doing now and play it. (Unless its Iris...)

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  9. Annother thing; A.I. Predictability - why not have an occasional Coward Guard, or Mad-Maid?

    A Berzerk Butler, attacking with whatever throwables are handy - or impromptu weapons like pots/pans/plates, an angered workman employing his tools against a most unwelcome burglar.

    Can NPC's carry items even?

  10. If its meant for TDM-stock inclusion; perhaps a more 'antique' digital display technology. you need to down-grade it a little.

    What about EDGE-LIT Digital displays? Just etched glass, small incandescent lamps and excessive craftmanship...





  11. Arrow / Weapon BIND STACKING: AKA old Quake mod style re-use of Impulse 1,2,3,4,5....plus tool-variations

    But; built around General Type/Intended Use:

    1. Blackjack / Club / Heavy-Vase / Hammer / Ether & Rag, ect... {Knockout weapons/tools}
    2. Short-Sword / Dagger / Stiletto, Blow-darts, ect... {Killing weapons/tools}
    3. Water  (arrows) / Extinguisher (manual water pump) / Soot (arrows)... {Light Dousing tools}
    4. Fire; 'Explosive' (arrows) / Concussion (arrow) / Incendiary (arrow)... {Explosive weapon/tools}
    5. Rope (arrows) / Vine (arrows) / Grappling-Hook (hook & chain)... {Vertical movement tools}
    6. 'Ether' Gas (arrows) / 'Tear' Gas (arrows) / 'Mustard' Gas (arrows)... {Mixed use gas/vapour tools}
    7. Moss (arrows) / Paint (arrows)  ...{Sound-impact / light absorbing tools}
    8. Glue (arrows) / Flash (arrows) / Noisemaker (arrows) / Fire-crackers... {Distracting / disabling tools}


    Noting the following are new;

    • Heavy-Vase: used double-handed; a loud single use blackjack that leaves a mess...
    • Dagger, Stilleto: Short range, Can't block - the latter CAN penetrate armour if attacking a weak-point...
    • Blow-Darts: Specialized tool of assassins - useful dealing with multiple guards...or special people (its deadly).
    • Ether-vial & Rag: Used from behind its very effective at disabling. It will evaporate in moments, limited uses.
    • Extinguisher: Ever wanted to just spray some water on a torch? This, does that. That's it. Only close up.
    • Paint Arrows: Permanently covers electric light sources & blinds optical sensors [which WILL trigger them!].
    • Glue Arrows: So, you need to stop charging guards?; Loosing one of these creates a puddle of Ultra-Adhesive capable of binding anything together for a little while. Works against Bi-pedal AND Quadrupedal foes!


    I think TDM; needs more puzzle-ish odd tools and places to use 'em!

    (and not having more re-bind things for every darn map)


  12. No Blackjack? No Problem; 'The Crate' works almost as well - so long as the taffer can hide in a shadow...

    Yeah; I'd like to see more HARDCORE difficult missions forcing experts to use equipment (sparingly) than having a heap of 30 water-arrows at the end. (as you can't just sell unused equipment off to count towards a loot goal...)

  13. A Flash ARROW would be an inventive (and weird) way to do 'unseen' or semi-ghosting... after all the affected guards can't see ANYTHING for a moment once its used on them.  (it should affect 'optical' sensors, but what about pure-motion sensors like the new sentry-cameras?)

    I don't often use Flashers in TDM; they seem a little too useless...

  14. Any chance of more Beasts, Creatures and Monsters ('common' or mythos) ?

    E.g. The Common 'Burrick' AKA "Belcher", seems like every 3rd tavern is named after one...Really, yet I've never seen a live (or dead) one in TDM.

    Let alone the old TDP 'mythos' creatures like the Bugbeast, Treant, ect... Yes the Elementals show up rarely and Ratmen in _1_ whole mission.

  15. My Review;

    I gotta admit, that first room has pretty janky polygon work (and the lighting!). Didn't expect much from this map - but I played on...

    It got better, so the saying goes. Alot better, in fact - even to the point I'd call this one a true Hidden Gem. With most excellent, expected and UN-expected twists & turns. It does help to keep your eyes peeled for the vast assortment of hidden switches, levers, buttons and other over-used mechanisms the Builders seem fond of...(Some of these are needed to fullfill mission objectives!)

    Good SFX as well, I think there was even some custom voice over work; always a nice touch to give each mission some personality.

    Stop reading this Review, and download it now! 👍

  16. Its a mission, I really want to like; but has a great many flaws I can't overlook.

    1. Mega-Giant Architecture; for 3 Meter tall people. (everywhere, not just the giant sized mansion!)
    2. Out-of-Order objective completion (not a flaw; just mabey missing scripting?), before its issued!
    3. A little TOO much back-tracking (all those objectives, and optional ones)

    There are good parts to it; its still certainly playable - and has unique pagan theme that IIRC hasn't been done anywhere else. I can't really fault having piles of readables - just any time a illegible handwriting font is used!

    (especially for objective related stuff!)

    Perhaps it could have been re-worked into 2 or 3 smaller maps, once a section is 'complete'?

    Good ideas, I haven't seen done elsewhere:

    • 3D map with paths (mabey use a grayscale filter on it next time? for a more hand-painted look...YMMV)
    • The whole

      Pagan theme, with magic teleports & barriers, ect... nice for a change.

    • Interesting distractions, implemented imperfectly; but still worth a look...
    • Revisiting old areas...

      But with heaps of new guards, probably because the old ones were napping...hehe.

    In short my rating: Play it if you've played everything else, its OK.

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  17. For a Guard shift change; it just makes it harder or forces alternate-path / technique use...

    For a Time-Lock Bank Vault; its kinda baked in....or mabey have the tardy taffer "wait" a day (resetting / undoing all their 'work' ? but not a insta-mission-fail )

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