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  1. Everything done, I'm testing now. In the end I decided to keep Grim as it is, and I came up with a different clue that works in Italian... I've translated the ghost's conversations, but I couldn't get them to play. They're in the pk4, but the ghost still speaks English. I'm posting the still not tested file here, in case someone wants to try it.
  2. Forgot to ask, could you tell me which font are you using in the maps?
  3. Hi grayman, Thank you for your quick reply, That's good news, as it means that I can keep the original Grimmore name. But I still think that the plaque should be made translateable; In the end it's just an adjective that looks like a first name... And translating the clue should be quite easy, too: one would only have to replace "Grim" with an adjective that means "horrible" and looks like a first name, while keeping the rest of the sentence the same. Maybe a readme could be added in the .pk4 explaining how to translate the word pun. Thank you very much for the maps, too, I'll tra
  4. Hi guys, I'm creating this post because I've almost finished translating to Italian the awsome WS1 fan mission by grayman, and I have some questions, both for the Italian translators (@ECHELON/knymed) and the mission author (@grayman). MAINLY FOR THE TRANSLATORS NAMES: I have a few questions regarding the various names in the game, since I could not find a lot of information in the wiki. First, in your translations have you adopted standard translation for the names? If not, I translated "Lord/Master Builder" -> "Creatore" "Builders" -> "Costruttori" "Magyck" ->
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