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  1. Just human, I did include an estimation of undead in the Plague ward. Its in the displaced category in purple. Not sure how many beast folk there are. Maybe less then 10,000 due to the secluded and shadowed lives they live. If my memory is correct I think there has only been one mod with beastmen as of yet. I could be wrong though. 
    Not sure on the number of ghosts, that may be a replay through of all the mods just to get a head count on ghosts, spirits and potential specters in bridgeport. That information would only really matter to builders, so I will include that note with the builder stats.

    Thanks for the input. 

  2. 10 hours ago, Bienie said:

    ...I've long wanted to have a map of Bridgeport showing the location of all the different wards and boroughs...

    I'm glad to see my "part of town", Brooksdale and Clifton Grove represented in your statistics. Though I think you overestimate the population by two orders of magnitude ^^.

    ...I would say Langmiller's Ward from the Crucible of Omens mission should be in there, and I'm sure there are others named in other missions as well. Also isn't the Old Quarter and Stone Market from the Thief universe? That said, it's a really interesting population census that you've put together!

    Thank you Bienie! Honored for your attention! I really loved your recent stuff! COS 2 was amazing work! 
    Loved the rat hunting, always thought that would be a fun thing to do as a goal. 

    Sorry, just had all these homes left over at the end and started putting them into wards that were left according to the quality of the homes. Thought that both Brooksdale and Cliften Grove were places that could be supporting communities. 

    Aw, taff! I totally skipped over Langmillers ward somehow. Feel bad about that because Crucible of Omens is an amazing level. It seemed pretty big in the time you were outside, you think it would be fair if I took about 2/3 from Brooksdale/Clifton and shifted them into Langmillers?

    If I missed any others I would not mind if someone will let me know. I was mostly intent on gathering names that represented large parts of town, there were mods where I thought about using a name given, but most of the times the name would only apply to a street or a square with a dozen or so shops around it. 

    Both Stone market and Old quarter are from thief. I had that thought when seeing the names pop up in the mods I played. 


    As for the world map,I feel it would be easier to achieve that goal once I have a solid foundation of Bridgeport and surrounding county. Got a screencap of the maps that have shown up in all levels, I plan to trace over it and make a blank template, maybe post it in that thread about the world with a list of all the names that appear on it. 

    Thank you again for both the post, but mostly the levels you have made. 

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  3. I also am thinking of making a roll of arms (a list of all nobles given thus far in the dark mod) positioned on a rating of power and greatness. 

    Also going to need to find a way or a thread dedicated to naming the Gaulic and Germanic Clans. As of right now between all the Pagan tribes, I am figuring that there is about 2,511,473 (based off of Roman numbers, I may shrink them due to further study) of them spread out over the vast lands of the north. Something like 42 different tribes. 

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  4. Honored to hear from you Grayman! Just finished the bank level for the first time a few days ago. Amazing work as always. 
    Thanks for the input! did not think about the inventors guild would be interesting trying to come up with a number for them. I actually have a note for the Builders, its a little difficult due to them being all over the empire and not just Bridgeport. but for a sneak peak on what I have gathered is:

    Acolytes/Monks: 5,311

    Soldiers: 1,694

    Priests: 107

    Bishops: 15

    Holy locations (churches/shrines/abbeys/Cathedrals) (need to clean this category for finished project) 605

    I don't know If i will list named churches and locations. But I have a long list of all Builder locations named so far. Including Braeden Church, with the footnote it is no longer active. 

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  5. Nice to see this old map still getting some love.

    Man, it is a nice map!

    I once made a map on paper because I had planned to speed run it.

    It has so much freedom, but at the same time keeps you grounded to a goal.

    I have not been able to beat it without being seen in one save yet.

  6. Oh builder, as it stands these are my top 5 picks. I have more but these are my favorite!


    -Accountant 2: new in town, the hidden knickknacks in all the rooms and apartments, the cozy feeling of late night Gothic/ modern city life, the ost coming from the lobby on floor three, the terror enduing floor two, sewer and village, wonderful mapping skills, the joy of finding the secrets, and my ability to beat it without any help!


    -Alberic's Curse, I never counted but more then ten ways to get into the monastery. As a 13th century enthusiast and a massive fan of all things Gothic this map delivered! A tragic story accompanying the ruins of a isolated church in which its entire population was killed, its history unraveled through its texts! Holy Relics and objects abandoned that for sure the Church would pay to have back! A reasonable and realistic layout to the buildings, all rooms serve a purpose and you can imagine life here. The bricks I shat when getting cornered by the undead, and best of all I recently beat it in one save! One of the few maps I have returned to more then a few times.


    -A house of locked secrets, Good lord were to start? I care little for story in my mods, but this one for sure changed my mind! The unfolding events of a lords manor, the new mechanic introduced for this mod alone, how it made sense and I was able to beat the level without online guides, the wonderful maps and the details in rooms, the interactions with npcs, and final boss, I was very happy with this mod.


    -Ulysses 2: protecting the flock, I felt like a secret agent in the 15th century. Avoiding the peasants who have been riled up and focusing on the evil cultists as the targets and saving hostages! Such a badass feel! The map was nice with almost a infinite way to navigate its cloister, the voice talent was charming, Die hard Gothic style!


    -WS1: in the north, the first map I had played after the tutorial and the Tears of Saint L, What a lucky pick. A live castle with a barrack, kitchen, servants quarters, guest rooms, and more! A dark history looms over this keep with secrets that made me rewatch the film 'the name of the rose' once I had finished it. And like all the other maps before this one I was able to beat it without any help from the internet!

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