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  1. On 8/20/2019 at 3:59 PM, peter_spy said:

    You think that modeling and animation are hard to learn? Wrong! This guy gets it.


    of course if you're going to buy everything. this is also only for people in background of movie, having truly immersive character in videogame can be alot more deifficult

  2. done it! I've got a new built and running pc!

    Except I couldn't afford a graphic card yet, I'll add one next month but the integrated vega 8 graphics with ryzen 3 2200g is allready giving me a lot better performance than my previous laptop and enough to get into the dark mod a little more.

  3. Man I feel slow, anyways if you guys haven't forgotten this either what do you say about this build?



    will look into a monitor later, anything else missing here? Any problems with it that pcbuilder doesn't mention?



    You don't need to home-build in order to have an upgradable PC, any professionally-built custom gaming PC is perfectly upgradeable (essentially it is a home-build PC, just with someone else rather than you doing the building).

    if that's the case, I might look into it, where can I find some good deals?

  4. The reasons I'm looking forward to build it my self is to be able to upgrade it in the future without having to buy a whole new pc and I'm pretty sure it gets a little cheaper that way, besides I know a few ameteur kids that did and had no problems

  5. I really need to get something better than this craptop and now with that crappy job I got I might even be able to afford it in a few months maybe.


    Don't need any deals I can look for them myself just tell me what it is I need to buy, I know about mother boards, CPUs, graphic cards and RAMs because that's what everyone's talking about everywhere but what other components do I need to have full a working pc. Just give me a full list of things I need to buy and maybe a short description of their purpose.


    That's all I know, buying a bunch of hardwares and putting them together, anything else I need to know?

  6. WARNING: As OrbWeaver pointed out below, my materials add unnecessary geometry to your maps. While I can't find any other side effect, it's certainly possible that there is. Use it at your own risk, but don't use it if you're releasing a map or FM. The added geometry may affect performance.

    I'm pretty sure it does effect performance, either way a good way arround it is by simply just removing the material files before compiling.


    Here's a complete batch file I created to start the compiling:

    @echo off
    set /P MAP="Map Name: "
    cd materials
    rename tdm_misc.mtr tdm_misc.don
    rename tdm_internal_engine.mtr tdm_internal_engine.don
    TheDarkModx64.exe +set com_allowConsole 1 +clear +dmap %MAP% +map %MAP% +condump dmaplog.txt +notarget
    cd materials
    rename tdm_misc.don tdm_misc.mtr
    rename tdm_internal_engine.don tdm_internal_engine.mtr
    cd ..
    echo on
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  7. So I was living for a month in this very small and pretty empty white apartment with only one room and a toilet for a month or so.

    One day I was eating a sandwich but before I could take a second bite it slipped out of my hand. I really wanted to eat it, the first bite gave me a pretty good impression so I looked for it butttttt couldn't find it!

    I looked for it for a whole month in the apartment and guess what, I never got to eat it...

    I don't really believe in ghosts but there is no other explanation for this, it was like 10x10cm big and I should have have easilly spotted it on the empty white floor.

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  8. Just when I find a way arround one problem, darkradiant dicides to mess up.

    I can't see any entities in the editor when I load a map, I can place new entities(func_statics, some props and player spawn) but when I save, close and reopen the map they're gone!

    When I compile the map and play it everything just works in game but I can't see any in the editor.

    I allready tried using the "unhide hidden" option. They're even all listed in the Entity List I found in the option and I see them selected in the editor when I select them from the entity list but they disapear again when I deselect them. Must be some other option I missed.


    Here's some screenshots that may help you understanding the problem1q1SiDk.png


  9. I just recreated the staircase, and found it actually somewhat easy to get the same problem, and I think it's related to excessive geometry cuts, although probably still caused by a bug. As I made the walls longer/shorter I got different results (or no bad results in some cases), one time it affected the wall where some tris had different lighting, another time the wall had a black triangle, and then I got the exact same problem as the OP, in the staircase itself.


    All the problems with walls could be solved by making the staircase into a func_static, but the last one couldn't. The way I solved that one this case, that you might want to try, was by using rich_is_bored's 3rd setup (with a slight difference, but may be irrelevant -- see in spoiler below), and by making three func_statics out of it:

    - one for all the boards

    - one for both the big ramp and the big block

    - one for all the leftover triangle-steps below the boards.





    Yup, that helped

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  10. Not just that, it's not cutting triangles below the step (the wooden board), as it does below all the others. That empty triangle should be 3 triangles.

    I just forgot to change the texture of two boards from caulk to the wooden texture, nothing wrong with that.

  11. Here's the dmap log



    ]dmap fstmp
    ---- dmap ----
    --- LoadDMapFile ---
    loading maps\fstmp
    glprogs/ambientEnvironment.vfp 79
    glprogs/ambientEnvironment.vfp 80
    63 total world brushes
    3 total world triSurfs
    3 patches
    15 entities
    242 planes
    9 areaportals
    size: -1096, -840,-1096 to 536, 1048, 328
    ############### entity 0 ###############
    -- ( worldspawn: )
    0.0 seconds for BuildLightShadows
    2 entities containing primitives processed.
    ----- WriteOutputFile -----
    writing maps\fstmp.proc
    Dmap complete, moving on to collision world and AAS...
    0 total shadow triangles
    0 total shadow verts
    7 seconds for dmap
    maps\fstmp.cm is out of date
    writing maps\fstmp.cm
    collision data:
    2 models
    262 vertices (6 KB)
    452 edges (15 KB)
    152 polygons (10 KB)
    70 brushes (9 KB)
    126 nodes (3 KB)
    289 polygon refs (2 KB)
    160 brush refs (1 KB)
    228 internal edges
    0 sharp edges
    249 contained polygons removed
    19 polygons merged
    49 KB total memory used
    120 msec to load collision data.
    0 seconds to create collision map
    no entities in map that use aas48
    no entities in map that use aas96
    no entities in map that use aas32
    no entities in map that use aas100
    no entities in map that use aas_rat
    no entities in map that use aas_elemental
    ]condump dmaplog.txt
    Dumped console text to dmaplog.txt.





    Converting it to func_static didn't help but instead of rendering the skybox there's just an invisible triangle that allows me to see the wall behind it.

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