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  1. 44 minutes ago, Anderson said:

    the fact that Daniel has a permanent fear of darkness causes great frustration when the game is about stealth.


    Guess that, even then, I never used the candle. Cause I felt more secure by not being seen myself.

    So being afraid of darkness was the only way to make people like me uncomfortable while playing.

  2. Yeap, the lighting should never be completely dark.

    I remember playing a scenario which was impossible till you increased gamma to the maximum. That should be prevented by design.

    Amnesia got it right. It lights a subtle blue light after a few moments of complete darkness.

  3. So I'm packaging darkradiant as a pacman package. But when I execute darkradiant on the terminal it complains:

    darkradiant: /usr/lib/libwx_gtk3u_core-3.0.so.0: version `WXU_3.0.5' not found (required by darkradiant)

    darkradiant: /usr/lib/libwx_gtk3u_core-3.0.so.0: version `WXU_3.0.5' not found (required by /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/darkradiant/libwxutil-2.7.0.so)

    The thing is that's the latest announced 3.0 version of wxgtk. If you install 3.1 then darkradiant complains it cannot find 3.0 at all.

    Any idea why this could be? Thanks in advance.

  4. You don't need to use GitHub/GitLab's bug tracker, wiki or continuous integration tools.

    My proposal was using those platforms only for code storage, for easing merge requests. While breaking the different programs into different projects under the same account, for speeding up cloning repositories.

    Nothing else.

  5. @Jetrell Nah, I'm not gone. It's simply I realized that doing as in the peter_spy's thread, replying to every single point to justify my view, is pointless.

    Either people listen or not. And in this particular topic I didn't took it personally at all, it seems that most of the annoyance comes from previous discussions where I didn't participate. Or that the people was expecting me to procreate the conversation infinitely like with in peter_spy's thread, which basically I believe it was a mistake on my side.

    In summary: I said nothing else because nothing relevant had to be said ??

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  6. @Springheel Cause it was never well designed to start with, having to commit to a single central repository. People used it only because it was the sole thing available at the time.

    As everything is committed to a single central place:

    1. Anything can break the main code, so micro-managing commits is needed.
    2. Code conflicts can easily happen.
    3. You have to clone every related software for minor changes.
    4. So people delay commits, making them bigger, harder to inspect, and more prone to errors.
    5. And developers distrust outsiders by default, so these don't even try.

    For the record most of the code I write is Unix Shell, invented like 40 years ago when machines used typewriters instead of screens. Don't tell me I have new shinny technology syndrome.

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