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  1. Hi again, you're right, this is the Accountant II ! I was lost because i'd never though it would be a "n°2" something I also played Thief's Remorse and Requiem back in the days, those were also very great missions. Thanks a lot guys, very quick and efficient. Now i have a pleasant evening to come
  2. Greetings all, I've been playing The Dark Mod sporadicaly over the last years, enjoying my experience with the game and the awesome missions done by people. Now, i'm trying to get my hands on a particular mission i played 2 years ago i think. The problem is that i don't remember the title, nor the author (shame on me). Also, my computer crashed, so i had to download TDM from fresh, erasing the missions i had already played. So i'm unable to see which one i've already played when i start the game. If someone can help me retrieve this mission, i'd be very gratefull ! It's not much, but i remember having a good time with it, and i'de like to revive that. Here is what i remember : - this is a multi mission type. The first one is a classic city rob. The second, mainly outside is more an atmospheric one. - the first one, you navigate between several buildings. At one point, i remember struggling with an enigma to find a code. The enigma was based on a painting which displayed an execution. To find the code, it was necessary to find how many people were attending the execution, how many people died, etc. - Still in the first mission, you'd also enter a merchant suite, only to find his corpse on a bed. If you were to steal something from his room, a sort of lich would appear in the living room (that was creepy). - At the end of this mission, you had to flee in the sewers, pursued by something emitting a red glowing light. In the end, you are introduced to some sort of higher spirit. - The second mission was very different, much more of an atmospheric one. You had to navigate in a forgotten city, trying to understand what caused the death of everyone here and escaping the red glowing thing from the first episode. I'm sorry if it's just a bunch of unrelated clues but memories are like that. I tried looking several TDM missions, replaying also some of the great titles but i cannot find this one. Anyone has an idea ? Thanks in advance and happy new year to anyone brave enough to read all of this.
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