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  1. Good find, thanks. Looks like the fix offered there is pretty hacky though. I'll see if I can make something a little nicer work. I looked at dhewm3 which doesn't have this problem, but that's most likely because it's using SDL.
  2. Hi, very amazing thing you've created here. I'm running it on Arch Linux 64-bit, and some keyboard keys aren't being read properly in the Settings/Controls menu. For example, the up, down, and right arrow keys all produce "0x00" while the left arrow key produces "Alt". Alt itself produces "Enter"... the problem with this is that several keys end up doing the same thing, like the case with the arrow keys all making 0x00. Also I can't press up or down to go through previous console commands, though that's far less important. I'm using a thinkpad X230 in case that matters. edit: Using the 32 bit binary produces the same results
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