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  1. I found a new strategy for displaying the stealth stats that some may prefer. The attached addon (just drag into the darkmod folder) overrides the loot inventory gui and associated script. I got rid of the loot breakdown (jewels, gold, etc.) as well as the loot icon that appears (didn't look right next to longer text). Instead it displays a stealth breakdown and total loot out of the mission's available loot. Suspicions, Searches, Sightings, Bodies, Score, Loot. Messing with the gui layout is a pain, so it ends up a bit of a tradeoff. It doesn't look pretty, it trades the neat touch of the loot breakdown for something more stark and practical. Using this you can immediately see the effects of your actions, as well as possibly determine how strange (and glitchy?) the scoring system is. Should look into if the end mission score is calculated differently, since I sometimes see suspicions that count toward the score, and others that don't. As well as sometimes searches get mysteriously forgiven (They tend to do so when you are sighted and are counted there instead, but I have seen it forgiven without a sighting somehow). The strange behavior might just be that we essentially made a debugging tool for the stealth scoring, and the stealth scoring *might* be a little buggy. tdm_loot_stealth_stats.pk4
  2. @Dragofer Not sure what causes it, but I found an issue with the tdm_movers script. If you call the script, then make a quicksave, then load that quicksave, you get an error "Cannot load console". Something doesn't play nice with save/load mechanisms.
  3. Thanks so much everybody for all your help with this, this is amazing. @Dragofer I tried your new script and it looks great! Also thank you for confirming what I suspected, that there is no entirely clean and elegant way to hook in an addon script. My approach was to include in a "tdm_custom_addon_scripts.script" in tdm_main.script. Perhaps that is a change that should be taken in to the main sources, if any devs are listening. That way "addons" can include themselves in that file, and provide special instructions for simple modifications to work with other addons. Same for executing a "custom_addon_script_init_hook()" from tdm_main(), but I am not sure that is really necessary. Certainly is not necessary for the keybind trigger solution.
  4. So I made a small project and hosted it on github: https://github.com/kcghost/tdm-ghost It generates a "tdm_ghost.pk4" that can just be dropped into the darkmod folder, and it works. (Well, it prints the stealthScore to the console every second, not exactly polished). I am currently hooking it in by overriding tdm_main.script, #including the script there, as well as calling out from tdm_main(). This is all probably terrible, but I'm not familiar enough with this modding ecosystem to know if there is a right way - especially since this is a weird situation. I want the mod to apply to any and all missions, not just those that decide to use it, like the short list of other "addons": https://wiki.thedarkmod.com/index.php?title=Add-ons So ideally you just drop a pk4 into the darkmod folder and it works, if you don't like it, delete the pk4 (also perhaps configure it with cvars?). I tried defining a script object and making a def for it, I assumed the init() would be called automatically then but I guess that isn't the case (I guess it would have to be referenced by the map?). And it would have to be #included still anyway as far as I know.
  5. @Dragofer Actually your script works! With *one* tweak, change: statistics_stealthScore = $player1.getMissionStatistic("stealthScore"); to statistics_stealthScore = sys.getMissionStatistic("stealthScore"); I don't quite know what I am doing yet as far as the proper way to hook a script like this as an addon pack, but I tried this in mission 1 and saw the values update in real time.
  6. Are there any configuration options or addons available to view your stealth score or breakdown in-game? Or perhaps better, a custom difficulty setting to fail the mission when seen or searched for. I try to ghost missions, but it can be difficult at times to actually know whether you have been spotted until the end of the mission. Loot stats and other "final" stats would be helpful as well, though I have found "bind "F2" "tdm_show_loot"" to be useful for the purpose of ensuring all loot has been gotten.
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