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  1. I found it. It was set on 130... Thanks.
  2. Fisheye effect. That's the word I was looking for. Unfortunately Post Process \ Bloom was already disabled... I'm clueless. My GPU is a AMD Radeon Vega 8, I updated the drivers. Still the same problem. Maybe this GPU just isn't fit for this game? But that's strange, it's not lagging at all even on highest settings, just this fisheye effect... You mean on that Wiki Page Destined posted? But I can't find anything about that fisheye effect. Tried that. It didn't work. Thank you
  3. Hello I'm new to Dark Mod and I have a problem with the screen. The field of vision behaves strange like I have 360° vision. When I move the mouse, the field of vision is warped. Why is that? How can I turn it off?
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