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  1. Sounds good; that probably explains why my "Run as Administrator" method worked. Thanks for your help!
  2. *EDIT: I believe it's fixed! I simply tried starting the game with the "Run as Administrator" option chosen, and it seems to be working (I'll keep an eye on it though, and I'll update accordingly)! Thanks again everyone! Hi everyone! Thanks for all of your assistance with trying to get this up and running for me; I greatly appreciate it! Pardon my ignorance, but while going through all of the file permissions, I noticed that the location of where TDM installed was in "Program Files (x86)." Now knowing this, should I move the files to another location (I noticed in both this thread and others that people seemed to have had issues when TDM installed in "Program Files," but I didn't know if the same sort of error would occur in the one labeled "(x86)")? Again, I greatly appreciate all of your help with this!
  3. Thanks so much for getting back to me regarding this! I was able to grant full permission for the application, however it's still not allowing the installation of maps (both the maps that came downloaded with the game, and the ones that are downloadable via the mission archive). Should I just re-download TDM entirely, following the steps listed on the wiki, or was there another possible solution to try (I checked both my internet access and mirror for the missions, both of which seem fine)? Thanks again for your help with this, freyk! I greatly appreciate it! *Also, here's a screenshot of the mission archive menu with the error message, as well as the "new game" screen with the error'd levels.
  4. I did try this (I forget to edit the post to reflect this), however I was having the same issue as the already downloaded maps (i.e. they weren’t appearing in the level menu). Thanks for your help though!
  5. Hi all! Sorry to be a bother with this question (it seems like a commonality), but I just recently installed TDM for Windows 10, and it seems I can't download or install maps. More specifically, the automatic download feature within the game states that it "cannot connect to the servers," regardless of restarting/refreshing. Also, the maps that came with the mod automatically are having issues downloading for me (they "appear" as blank slots with their sizes listed; each time I go to download them, TDM restarts with nothing listed again, just the option to install the maps again). I've double-checked to see if the mod has all of the permissions needed to run, and it seems to check out. I've also installed the mod properly, per the TDM website's instructions. Any assistance with this matter would certainly be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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