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  1. ¡Now work everything ok! Thanks you so much freyk for your patience. ¿Do you have some way to give you a donation (for you or for the proyect)?
  2. Because I have not using Arch Linux, but an Arch Linux based distro (Manjaron). Thanks, now I understand those commands. The other commands had got really rare syntax for me. Ok, now the connection with missions servers work fine and I can start downloaded missions correctly. However I have got new issue. I try to explaining here but say me if I must to open a new thread. Now when I go to missions section, it apparently is not show anything but... check it for your own: There are three "invisible" missions preinstaled that are "Training mission", "newjob" and "stlucia". For some reasons I can't see names from the list but I can select them, download them and play them. What could be the reason?
  3. Checked, these missions are in fms folder, so now I have to change directory permissions for that folder. Are these commands that I need to run? Sorry for this stupid question but I am basic user Linux yet. Thanks you all for your answers, but at the moment I will try to fix it changing folders permissions.
  4. Datiswous nope... it's everything clear: I have installed "thedarkmod-bin" from "AUR" repository.
  5. Hi everyone, I would like to try this fantastic game and I would like to start with training mission but neither Thedarkmod.com missions links are available and no missions server into the game. Could you create some links to download that mission or explain me a solution to fix the conexion with missions server into the game? I am running on Arch Linux. Thanks in advance.
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