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  1. Hello dear people of The Dark Mod A question about the code of this lovely game. Is every bits of The Dark Mod code open sourced? And under which license? If not all and every file, then which files are open and which not? A question I could probably find out myself but if you want you may answer: what engine do you use and how easy is it for newcomers to start working on code, assets etc? Does it have to be done through the community or can we also work on our own - Is it allowed to just download/copy code and start creating things for myself? And a side question: does the TDM community have a Discord server? Thank you for clarifying. Yours mouser
  2. Personally I think it's a slippery slope to go on Steam. Steam represents corporate proprietary economy, what to me is like the opposite of the free software philosophy. If you mingle with them, they change you rather than you change them. I think the purity of this game is endlessly more important than the amount of players. Quality is endlessly more important than quantity. It's better to be a relatively lonely precious gem than to be a rusty metal among millions of rusty metals. A flashing gemstone of good quality will surely always attract some people, and then it will be the right people, those who can truly appreciate it.
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