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  1. That's what I wasn't sure about. The bell might be more of an SFX than ambient. So, I might just remove the bell and have it be its own SFX.
  2. So, here's my first contribution. *trumpet fanfare* There's an obvious pop at the end that I can't seem to get rid of. http://www.awksijek.com/mus/church01.ogg
  3. I could try, it might take a little bit of time to get the hang of it, but it wouldn't be impossible. I guess my reason for not wanting to do SFX was because I can't get full ideas into a short 3 second sample of sound. I know it seems like a silly reason, but I really enjoy doing full-length songs. I'll do SFX if that's what you need, though. Either works. EDIT: Sorry, I think I misunderstood your post. Yes, I can do both. SFX isn't my strong point but I can do it.
  4. Sorry. I assumed that this thread was dead and that I wasn't accepted so I kinda moved on. Am I allowed to bring this back from the dead? EDIT: So I am assuming that I should resend the email? If my status hasn't changed.
  5. SneaksieDave: No, Finale is definitely not freeware. And, yes, more hours are nice. Darkness_Falls: Thanks! I was just going for drones more than music. That's definitely not what I'd be going for. I probably should have changed them. Reason wouldn't be the problem, it would only be how I use it.
  6. I'm a guy who likes to joke and make music. Does that help any?
  7. lol Probably a medical problem. And nobody said intarnet gender switcheroobies were bad... But that's not the case. Oh...I'll honor your check. A staff is very important for composing music, but in programs like Reason, the average user is not aiming to be a professional composer, they just want to get a beat or bassline across. Finale on the other hand...
  8. Haha. Mod trackers were way sweet. Except for the fact that it was hard to figure out which chords liked eachother, or was that my ear?
  9. Have you used it much? Reason is very precise with beats, yes, but it's really amazing what kind of sounds can be made with just a few effects. Makes me wet just thinking about. (Joking, joking.) Thanks.
  10. SneaksieDave: Thanks. pakmannen: Typically what sound effects are we talking about? I sent an email to recruiting@thedarkmod.com
  11. Thanks Dram. is it recruiting@thedarkmod.com ? I saw that in another topic in this forum.
  12. Yes, probably. I don't do it normally, but it's not that hard for me to design sounds, so it seems feasible.
  13. You had me excited for a second.
  14. I've been messing with music for about 10 years now, got into the usage of electronics to create music about 5 or 6 years ago. I don't remember how I came across TDM but when I did I wanted a piece of it. Anyway, if you're still interested in having new sound designers I'd be willing to help out. I'd only want to do music (or ambience, whatever you want to call it) because sound effects are too short to really showcase the sounds. Here are some samples if you're still reading (all created in Propellerheads Reason, though I have experience in other programs as well): http://www.awksijek.com/
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