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    Pick! Me!

    My apologies for not posting sooner, the multimedia company I work for is getting shut down (the owner spent all are money on his drug problem… ) so I had to work 3, 12 hour photo shots last week to try and wrap up are projects, so we could get are last paychecks and leave this sinking ship with what we are owed. But now that that’s almost all over I will have more free time to work on art for your project and to fill out my portfolio! So in all I am happy! After closer review of what is posted on this mod's site: I would like to come up with a unifying theme for the environments.
  2. Maus

    Pick! Me!

    The reason I am so excited about helping out with this project is because I love the Thief series its one of my favorite, I have played the first 2 several times! But I haven’t kept up with the series since then, just haven’t had the time to play many games, all work and studying to get in to the game industry. I would prefer not to post to some free art archives, like deviantart after carefully reading there user agarments, they can retain the rights to uploaded works. AKA it now belongs to them! I will have a host soon, and will try to display as much of my work there as is possible.
  3. Maus

    Pick! Me!

    I have more art examples then what you can see at my VCL archive, the problem is I have no place to up load work at this time! Yes I like the Japanese styles of art but if you look at: http://vcl.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Artists/Maus/...ptsSketches.jpg I think you will see I can do just about any stile that is needed. The problem with the VCL archive is they have content restrictions on the types of art that can be uploaded: only Furry Art. This stuff is more of my hobby art it’s like my favorite pastime (other then being a pervert, lol). If you don’t think I can pleas test my skills and ask me to
  4. Maus

    Pick! Me!

    I would like to be a part of your teem! I am a skilled Artist, and hope I can contribute to this exciting Thief stile mod! I would like to contribute my skills as a: Concept Artist Texture Artist 3D Modeler Animator I don’t have a lot of samples of my 3D work available online but you can fined sum of my Furry art here: *** Pleas Note: there is adult content*** http://vcl.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Artists/Maus/ I can also email some Concept Sketches I did for Mountain Man Online Games awhile back if you would like to see it! As a relatively new artist to the game seen I need to develop mo
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