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  1. hey fingernail, renz, and everyone else. i'm back and going to start working on the builder which was assigned to me, sorry for the wait.
  2. hey guys. just checking back at the forum to let you guys know that i'm still here and awaiting directions. i've only started looking around the dark mod forums, but havent yet seen everything, ill continue on to see what resources / info is available. well, fingernail or whoever's in charge , when you have some work for me, just email. thanks . btwy, forums is an ok way to get informed, but what we really need is an irc channel.
  3. hi again ! thank you for the warm welcome. i'm glad to be a part of this and hope my contributions to the team will make a difference. well, i'm just here anxiously waiting to get my hands on some work or some more info to start off! thanks again.
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