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  1. Maybe he had believed in God as a youth. Sometimes people try and rationalise things as something that God was involved in. If this beomes a reccurence in a negative manner then possibly and purely hypothetically revenge by disproving the existence results... Dunno to tell you the truth. Maybe Sparhawk knows Orb. I dunno, save for the fact he works or worked a lot with Hawking and was suggesting in the future when energy sources are difficult to come by an orbiting power station around a black hole could provide energy.
  2. Maybe God deserted him in his youth and he wants to get his revenge Many Oxbridge types always think they are right...
  3. Penrose and Hawking...I liked the idea of getting energy from black holes.
  4. Is it because it is the builder's quarter? In the UK builders are usually thought of as slightly crass, wolf whistling women and bending over and showing their butt cracks
  5. I always think of heavy metal as something used for twitch shooters.
  6. It seems too active and loud for a stealth game and even a flythrough. I think having a zombie means lets have haevy metal...? Then again gleeful may like the music
  7. Looking awesome..."Buddy" Any chance of a squill map flythrough? Residential sector? Also are all those building for exploration?
  8. If you would like to learn more about rectum rythms, I suggest you read up from here: http://www.heptune.com/farts.html
  9. I've heard ,or should I say, read, that the Physics system is a fair bit better as is vehicle handling. As you know and sort of mentioned the graphics and textures are vastly improved.
  10. Alright then. Cool. Good that you guys have better things to do, like the DarkMod. And New Horizon, I'm not as naive as some may think, though I may appear to ask a bit too many questions. There is a reason behind it. But I won't get into it unless I'm sure about a few things...
  11. Fair enough crispy. Basically Oddity sent me a PM calling me names and saying that the team members forums were slagging me off. I PM people when I want to know something usually game related, but sometimes I'm interested in the person. This seems to have annoyed some people. They should say that they are busy or prefer not to have PM's. Then it would be finished. However having a bitch in a forum where the person being bitched about can't defend themselves is below the belt. SO being a bit annoyed I decide to call Oddity some names in reply to his rude PM and am willing to call anyone else names too in defence.
  12. God you're thick. Atti, the childhood prodigy:
  13. Well the forums are dead anyway so who the fuck cares, you half arse. The reason why more people from TTLG don't come here or you guys don't get any help is because a few of you are so up your own arses. You're decent at what you've done, Oddity, but no way near as good as you think you are. D*ckHead
  14. You guys are seriously good. I love the new outdoor stuff by Squill. Maybe my dream of one huge city to explore will come about. I should be decent with Unreal ED in a few months. I'll put some stuff up and see whether I can help out. Please put some of your new stuff up Sneaksie !!!
  15. I like that blackjack one, it looks ace. All Black Thief's stuff and the others, Dram etc are really good. I like that brick wall and the rug in spitter's pic.
  16. Who did that pic with the blackjack and this one http://www.mindplaces.com/darkmod/thumbnails/beta11.jpg ?
  17. Arumakani


    Have you ever played any of the KOTOR games? They're really good. If you have an XBox360 then watch out for Mass Effect by the same folk. They did Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate, KOTOR 1. The only sort of less then excellent game they've done is Jade Empire.
  18. Arumakani


    Some more screens: http://xboxyde.com/news_3400_en.html
  19. Would it actually be possible to create a mission from what is available at the moment?
  20. Phew... I was getting worried. I hope it comes out sooner than 2008.
  21. Does this mean the tools are going to be released soon? The beta picture, the second one from the left is not loading up when clicked? Who is leaving the team?
  22. Some Thief addicts from France I believe I liked the watter arrow too. I thought maybe a balloon at the end with water in it could've been good too
  23. Here's one for Sparhawk and other BS fans.... A demo http://www.3dgamers.com/news/more/1096485641/
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