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  1. Hello, I posted in general about briefing videos and after thinking about it for a while, I thought I'd ask you guys if I could make some briefing videos for you. I have alot of experience in video editing, I have played through all the thief games and I know the style well. I could get voice actors and such. I think it could really work. It would take time, but I could do it. I can make a sample video for you guys if you want as well. If you guys think I could help out at all, by all means please let me know. I know you guys don't seem to be too interested in a campaign right now, but w
  2. Hi guys. Let me start off by saying, thank you. Thief 3 disappointed me to no end, and this mod is a gutsy, valorous, and admirable move. I am SO happy to see a small flicker of hope for my favourite stealth game of all time. Having said that, one of the reasons Thief was my favourite stealth games, was not only because of the game play (which I am sure you guys are doing well with for TDM) but also the voice acting. The witty remarks to odd situations. The gaurds calling out in a sometimes drunken haze. And also, the mission briefings. Now I know this is a huge project and I know you
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