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  1. IIRC, SS2 (another awesome game) had the exact same lean as T2 (being same engine)
  2. Okay, I haven't touched Thief 2 or any FMs for it for ages (like over a year and even then only for a couple days) until last week. I fired up T2X and played the whole thing this week and finished it tonight. I can't believe how stupid they were in TDS to screw up leaning!!! It's such a WONDERFUL feature in T1/2, and I love to forward lean as well, very often. I had forgotten how nice it is. I've read a bunch of threads and I know you will have leaning, but what about the forward lean? And how well is the leaning working out? Is it as perfect and nice and in T1/2, or is it kind of wonky as in Far Cry and other games? Somewhere inbetween? Thanks!
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