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  1. Woah there jdude. I get what you're saying, and to an extent I appreciate it, but please be careful about where this line of thought is leading.


    Are you saying that intolerance of homosexuality has to be tolerated simply because it's "cultural"? If so, what about a culture that doesn't tolerate black people? Or a culture that doesn't tolerate Jews? Should we tolerate those cultures?


    Sexuality is an immutable aspect of a person, much like race, or sex. Thus, if you argue for toleration of sexuality-based discrimination, then the same arguments can be used to tolerate racially-based discrimination, or sex-based discrimination.


    The media often does polarise these kinds of arguments, that's definitely true. Sometimes, however, one side really is just wrong. :)


    BTW, I don't mean to pick on you. There are other people in this thread who I disagree with more! (I won't name them, as I'm really not interested in starting a flame war.)


    This has been an over-serious post, so here's a semi-relevant xkcd to lighten the mood:



    Caption: "I believe the truth always lies halfway between the most extreme claims."



    Sotha, that's an awesome story! :laugh:

  2. The Tremulous scene was way too hardcore for newbies like myself, sadly. I loved the mechanics, but there was absolutely no mercy in it. :) Getting upgrade points for kills is a nice idea in theory, but leaves no room for disparate player skill levels. It really needs a way for new players to involve themselves without feeding the other team and becoming liabilities. Take some lessons from TF2 - if they pick the right classes, new players can always make positive contributions even if they suck. Experienced players are still significantly more effective, of course.


    And yes, it is a bit too fast. Those little alien critters are speedy. This is bad no matter which team you're on; as a newbie human, they're way too hard to hit, and as a newbie alien, your character is way too fast to control... :)


    Eventually I just didn't have the time and energy to train myself up, so I stopped trying.


    I did play it on a LAN with some friends once, that was a bit better. Except that the humans won landslide victories every time, until the alien team figured out their tech tree, at which point the aliens won landslide victories every time. We humans never quite figured out the correct strategy. :P

  3. Hm.. They should have developed similar attitude towards engine change suggestions as in this forum. :blush:

    I read somewhere that there were serious management issues. Every time a shiny new thing came out from another game developer, the head honcho would say "oh! wow! we must have that in DNF!" And the long-suffering development team would have to implement it. Over and over again. I can only imagine how badly that must have sucked. :(


    Basically his attitude was that DNF absolutely had to be the best game ever, at any cost. Well, it cost all right...


    Like any volunteer project, TDM doesn't suffer from management issues because there is no management. Nobody can force anyone to do anything, so things only happen if people want them enough to make them happen themselves. (There is the occasional silly pet project, but in the best case it's a neat if less-than-useful new feature that boosts morale, and in the worst case it's only one team member wasting their time, not an entire development studio. :P )

  4. You realise that every source you try most likely gets their data from the same place, right? :)


    The high and the low are forecasts, whereas the actual number is real data from the field. That would explain the discrepancy - the forecast was just off (big surprise, I know). From those results, you could infer that the high might also be lower than predicted. If they sanity-checked the data, you'd lose that cue.

  5. Well, I'm not sure I could write a reference for someone I don't know... :)


    Crispy: so does this mean your work on TDM landed you a job in 2k? Cool! B)

    Couldn't say, but it certainly didn't hurt. :)


    You're working in cubicles? Like those in Dilbert?

    Yep. It's pretty common. My second choice of employer actually had a fully open-plan office; like cubicles, but without the dividing partitions.


    I don't mind it; makes it easier to talk to people, and I'm up in a corner surrounded by partitions, so there's sufficient privacy for my liking.

  6. I've been playing around with Recast to try 'solve' problems like this lately.

    That is frickin' awesome. I glanced at Recast a little while ago and it sounded pretty good. How's it treating you?


    It would need someone to produce a custom application and some decent user info. I downloaded it and it is incomprehensible to me without info. It seems to assume everyone knows exactly what it is and how to use it and can also code, customise and compile it. Worthless to most people in this form I would think.

    Well, yeah. It's a code library, intended for use by programmers, to be integrated into their own applications. Definitely not designed for end-users directly; not even for very savvy end-users. :)

  7. 1) My parents and I have sensitive information on their computer. If someone were to connect to the network could they get into this information?

    If they manage to connect, and if you've shared the files out, then yes.


    Note that this is true of all networking technologies. Wired Ethernet networks can still be physically tapped into (and usually aren't encrypted).


    Best strategies for mitigation are:


    1. Don't let people connect: Use WPA2 encryption and strong passwords to prevent attackers from connecting to your network in the first place. Follow all security advice in your wireless router's manual (if any).


    2. Don't put sensitive files in folders which are shared over the network: Um, duh. :P An important corollary is don't share your entire hard drive!


    3. Do keep all your computers up to date with security patches. On Windows, that means turning Windows Update on and letting it do its thing.


    Casual attackers will have no hope of getting into a properly-secured network operated in this manner. Even serious attackers will find it difficult, and would probably opt for a different, easier method; like, say, breaking into your house and stealing your HDD. :P


    2) Currently we are in a house that has 2 floors but will be moving to a house with 3 floors in a month. I've found when I tested the wireless connection a long time ago within our house that the floors massively cut the connection to the floor above or below as do walls. We need high speed throughout.

    You can get wireless signal boosters to relay the signal to other floors. (Or even make them yourself, they're not very complicated.)


    3) Many people know of wireless connections but very few know about the power adapters imo. So the likelihood of my neighbors having using the same power-adapters is far less than them using a laptop/desktop with wifi capabilities. The probability vastly drops off when you consider that I'd be buying it over the internet.

    Obscurity is not security. ;)


    4) My parents insist that I do not run cords throughout the house so running Ethernet cords is out.

    That's a shame, as it's definitely the preferred option for desktops. You can't run cables through the walls? Bit more expensive to get them properly fitted, but very nice to have.


    So idealy I'm guessing a WPA2 encrypted 200 mbps power adapter would be best. I'll try and find one on the internet :)

    WPA2 is for wireless networks only, so good luck with that. :P Looks like most of these power adapters use either DES or AES. Prefer AES over any form of DES, and go for as many bits of encryption as you can get.

  8. "By offering 56-bit DES encryption, it is also much secure than other home networking technologies such as wireless Ethernet."


    LOL. 56-bit DES encryption is hardly secure. Back in the days of WEP this was probably true, but WPA2 is (believed to be) much more secure, if properly configured.

  9. I think the greater issue than quality control is brand ownership, at least I have the impression of reading situations that once you knowingly allow your brand to be freely used by others and you DON'T demand they stop, you are in essence relinquishing your sole rights to the brand by that precedent, or at least making it harder to fight future brand incursions that really would be harmful. Something like that

    There is probably some truth in that, in general, but that's only if one actually does "abandon" one's rights. Activision could certainly have signed an agreement giving a specific group of people the right to create that single game without harming their legal ownership of the IP. They do that kind of thing all the time with professional development studios, after all.


    Or if a kid gets ahold of this mod and it inspires him to kill everyone in his immediate vicinity while listening to the soundtrack to the original KQ? There could be "far-reaching" "consequences and repercussions". :rolleyes:

    What did that poor straw man ever do to you? :(

  10. If by "tons" you mean "a few pieces of concept art and one half-finished, untextured model" then sure, most mods do create "tons" of artwork before dying. :P


    Let me clarify my meaning: Making lots of good artwork takes a lot of time and effort. If you're willing to compromise on either quantity or quality (or both) then you can get it done a lot faster, but you run the risk of having a game that looks crap and/or repetitive.


    What greebo said about the code is true as well.


    You're right that starting from TDM as a base would give you a lot of stuff already. But it does sound like you're underestimating how much work would be required on top of that.


    I don't mean to be down on your idea. If you want to have a go at making it, I'm all in favour of that. Whether you finish or not it'll be a great learning experience, and if you do finish then it sounds like it could be pretty neat. :)

    • New textures/materials/models - not difficult.

    You lost me after this line. :rolleyes:


    Somebody call up all the game development studios in the world and tell them they can fire all but one of their artists - after all, it's not difficult work! :P

  11. To be fair, I should admit that there is a potentially legitimate issue for Activision here: Since they don't hold the purse-strings on this one, they have no control - in particular, no quality control. Even though we know it's a fan project, it's quite possible that someone would say to their friends "hey guys, check it out, a new King's Quest game!" Their friends download it, play it, decide that the quality doesn't meet their standards, and decide that the series as a whole sucks. (Stupid thing to do, I know - but have you ever read the comments section on YouTube? :P) That damages the brand, and could theoretically reduce sales if Activision ever decides to fund a professional developer to make another King's Quest.


    To be clear, I'm not saying that TSL would have provoked such a reaction in reality, or that it was of low quality - I haven't seen it myself. I'm just saying that Activision does have at least one basis for real concern. That's just how publishers think.


    It still stinks. :(

  12. LEGION: Have you tried upgrading your sound card drivers?


    I've never been terribly impressed with Realtek (back when I did tech support, we had some work PCs with embedded Realtek HD chips, and they were kinda dodgy). You might have better luck with a better soundcard.


    After much sound testing in 1.0, I came to believe that TDM's sound propagation code somehow hinders the surround sound effect, since in Doom, i can pinpoint a needle dropping, where as in TDM, a sound is often heard the same way while rotating around a large number of degree. In addition, it often snaps to a whole new position which to my ears seems like going from stereo to mono.


    TDM's sound code is identical to D3's, since it's in the closed-source bit. Soundprop only works for AI, and does not affect what you hear.


    It might be a problem with how sounds are set up in TDM maps.

  13. I don´t understand this. If released this could boost the franchise and Activision could make a game on their own and profit from the growing community. This way I would guess that no one of this community will ever pay for an Activision product.

    Logic rarely factors into the calculations of corporate executives.

  14. I always liked the blur effect, as it gives a more "soft" view, more dreamlike and it hides the sometimes hard shadow and pixel borders. However, now that I read the wiki article I am too are a bit suspicious, because I generally don't like to add "camera" effects (if you watch someting with your eye, you will not get technical artefacts like a camera).

    Screw realism. Bloom isn't used because it's a camera effect, it's used because it's pretty! (When used well and in moderation.) :)

  15. Before you go spending money: It may be more cost-effective to upgrade some other part of your computer, such as the video card or CPU. 2 GB of RAM should be plenty; it's what I have, and I have no problems running the mod on reasonably high-quality settings.


    By the way, it's not "RAM speed". RAM does have speed, but it's not measured in GB. :) By adding more RAM, you're just increasing the quantity, not the speed. It will make your computer run faster, under certain conditions, but it would be a mistake to assume that adding more RAM is a panacea to cure all slowness issues.


    If you post your computer's complete specifications, people here will be able to advise what the best upgrade for your system is.


    EDIT: Oh, I see you posted the link above. Hmm. Well, apparently e-machines are difficult to upgrade, but possible. Do your research before buying anything. If in doubt, get someone qualified to advise and install your new hardware (they will charge you extra though).

  16. The Dark Mug :rolleyes:

    :laugh: No way, that's brilliant. You could even combine them both into one mug.


    Oh, and put www.thedarkmod.com underneath the text "The Dark Mug", so more people can get the joke. Wouldn't hurt on the mod publicity front either. ;)

  17. Looking great Fidcal!


    Only a few nitpicks (you knew this was coming ;)):


    • I see a white seam near some of the snow/pavement blends. This is probably caused by texture wrapping. Try using the clamp material shader keyword to get rid of the seam. (If it works, it should be done on all blends, not just snow, because it will be present in all cases, just less noticeable.)
    • The fade is nice, but they're all perfectly straight. I realise these are test pieces; just noting that some irregularities would be nice. Since this is done using vertex colouring you'd need to add more polygons to get this effect, though. Which might be annoying, since you're using Blender. :P


    I'm not sure exactly what your workflow is here, and I'm not very familiar with Blender, but perhaps the material-stacking issue and your "25%/75%" issue are related? I don't see the "25%/75%" issue in your screenshots though, so I'm not sure what you mean exactly?

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