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  1. Thank you all very much for having me! Since some projects are taken, just let me know where I may be of some use. I have a Yamaha SU700 Sampler (Renzatic talked me out of selling it) A Yamaha RM1X A Yamaha (yeah I like yammy stuff) DJX. I just can't bring myself to get rid of it. A vintage Roland Alpha Juno. A M-Audio Radium 49 I use for soft synths. Cubase VST and Cubase SX. ( I use both) Alesis Compressor Nady SP-1 Mic and an EKG something or another. Mackie 1202 Mixer And I have some 10,000 sound effects (including voices in foreign languages, orchestra samples and various other j
  2. That's cool. Ok. All the links should be working. You can right click and save or if you just click it should just play.
  3. I can't sign on cause I'm at work, and they frown on messengers. And I looked at my site. I left out the folder and there's some spelling errors. I'll fix it when I get home.
  4. Hiya! Hmm... not sure what's up with my personal site. If you just click on it it should open up in your default player tho.
  5. Hi everyone. Renzatic told me about the project he was involved in and if I was interested in submitting some stuff. I do music and sound effects. You can listen here http://www.digital-dissident.com and here http://music.download.com/digitaldissident My email is tokyo_ice@j-fan.com Any questions ask away.
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