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  1. mimokasi

    2 ideas

    Hi, I have 2 ideas how on my opinion The Dark Mod would be more fun. 1. Spending loot. Well yeah, collecting loot is fun, but it would be more fun if I could spend the loot that I collect on equipment . How about this - if a user could create his account and all the loot that he collects would be stored and he could spend it on equipment in any other mission. 2. About accounts - I think it would be nice if the dark mod user would create an online user account in the game and he could add people to his friends list and there was some sort of rating\achievement system.
  2. No, I didn't set "read only" on purpose, It was set read only from the beginning (don't know why, my OS is Win 7 Ultimate if that will help). Well everything works fine now, thanks for the help.
  3. so I better reinstall them with the games downloader or I could just rename them and delete the numbers in their titles?
  4. oh, I think I got it! I turned off the "read only" on the fm folder , and now after I played a mission information about the date appeared . If the bug happens again I'll keep you informed.
  5. I played them after updating to the latest version, today. I would gladly post that file, but it says that I don't have the permission to attach such files. I opened the file with the notepad and here's what's inside: tdm_missioninfo 2490 { } tdm_missioninfo 2490_chalice { "last_play_date" "2011-04-11" } tdm_missioninfo 2492 { } tdm_missioninfo 2492_outpost { } tdm_missioninfo saintlucia { } tdm_missioninfo training_mission { }
  6. Hello, I spotted a minor problem - I've played several missions but in the "New missions'' menu it doesn't seem to refresh the info that I did. I mean that I completed missions but it still says " Last played: - Completed: Not yet'' Is there any way to fix this?
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