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  1. ambient02 could be shortened I supposed, but ambient03 changes the entire time. If you can make a loop out of part of it that you like in the interest of saving space I guess that's ok. Or don't use it at all. As for the hums feel free to commit the ones you think work the best. As for intense01 that was inspired by a level in Thief 2 that had teh most oppressive sounding distorted electric guitar type scream in the background. Intense03 probably should have been an ambient. It's more of a SS2 sound, and may not prove useful here. I tried reuploading 3 and 4. 4 works for me, ye
  2. Hi there, yes I'm still around. Comment away
  3. I think they sound as realistic as they're going to get. The overlaps are on purpose and there are no organs playing. And I don't hear any fast successions of notes. The range may be a little wide but it's not an unrealistic range for the human singing voice. It may get a little less human sounding when the notes are high in the first one, and the beginning of the 3rd one has a bad entrance. I'll make some adjustments when I get a chance.
  4. What I've done thus far: 1/25/05 Some gregorian chants: mb_chant01.ogg mb_chant02.ogg mb_chant03.ogg Several ambient hums that loop seamlessly rated at subtle, medium, and intense. About 4 or 5 of each. mb_hum_intense1_mono.ogg mb_hum_intense2_mono.ogg mb_hum_intense3_mono.ogg mb_hum_intense4_mono.ogg mb_hum_intense5_mono.ogg mb_hum_medium1_mono.ogg mb_hum_medium2_mono.ogg mb_hum_medium3_mono.ogg mb_hum_medium4_mono.ogg mb_hum_medium5_mono.ogg mb_hum_subtle1_mono.ogg mb_hum_subtle2_mono.ogg mb_hum_subtle3_mono.ogg mb_hum_subtle4_mono.ogg Some longer ambients mb_ambient01.ogg mb_ambien
  5. Some chants: chant1 chant2 chant3 Several ambient hums that loop seamlessly rated at subtle, medium, and intense. About 4 or 5 of each. hum_intense1 hum_intense2 hum_intense3 hum_intense4 hum_intense5 hum_medium1 hum_medium2 hum_medium3 hum_medium4 hum_medium5 hum_subtle1 hum_subtle2 hum_subtle3 hum_subtle4 Some longer ambients ambient1 ambient2 ambient3 ambient_alienbirds I separated the following previously submitted themes from their background hums. They were also improved somewhat. These themes work well with any ambient hum but also by themselves. There is alot of space in th
  6. Here's my contribution. http://www.mashedbuddha.com/sounds/WormHole.mp3 Hope it gets you in the mood
  7. Muze

    Audio Format

    I hear what you're saying about saving space, and mono vs stereo. I agree that the short ambients don't need to be stereo, and that the longer themes benefit from stereo panning. But the bit rate difference? Also the way I'm creating ambients and themes is to allow for level designers to have an ambient hum loop in the background until they want a theme to come in, in which place the theme has been mixed over the same hum so as to sound seamless. There will be a noticeable difference to one's ears going from mono 96k to stereo 160k.
  8. Just uploaded some ambients to my audio folder (/audio/unfinished/muze) on the FTP. 44.1, 160kbps, stereo. They're thematic in nature: mb_hum3_LP.ogg mb_hum3_musicbox_LP.ogg mb_hum1_creepypiano_strings_LP.ogg mb_hum1_bell_banging_LP.ogg mb_hum1_intro.ogg mb_hum1_LP.ogg mb_hum1_LP.ogg and mb_hum3_LP.ogg are some basic ambient hums and can be looped indefinitely if necessary in between the layers I've created with them (i.e. mb_hum1_bell_banging_LP.ogg with mb_hum1_LP.ogg). There will be more hums and layers and what not as I go. Any intros I create will start off a hum and seamlessly g
  9. Muze

    Audio Format

    "The format we are using for SFX: Ogg, 44100Hz, 96kbps, mono The format we are using for Ambient: Ogg, 44100Hz, 96kbps, mono The format we are using for Ambient themes (longer pieces): Ogg, 44100Hz, 160kbps, stereo" I think that if longer pieces are to be higher quality (stereo, 160kbps) than there's no reason not to make short ambient loops the same quality as they will not get much larger in size. Just my $.02
  10. Agreed, cross fading would be nice. So as far as I understand it, looping the ambients will be possible. I also think it would be cool to have an ambient tune (something longer than just a loop) play in completion, and then silence (or ambient hum) for a few minutes, and then the piece starts over.
  11. So for those who don't know, I've just been accepted by pakmannen as one of the musicians here. In Thief, traveling to different areas within a level the music/ambient sound would change, like when going from an outside area to an inside one, or entering a dungeon/basement area. I'm wondering if anyone knows how this can work in the Doom 3 engine, and also how to make the sounds loop endlessly while the player is in a given area?
  12. Muze

    Musician Here

    Great! thanks for having me, I look forward to adding music to the Dark Mod. The challenge of creating ambient music that enchances a level while being unobtrusive is a unique one and I'm enjoying it.
  13. Hi, I've been interested in making music for Thief mods and thief style games for a while now. I've been looking for a mod with a high level of professionalism and efficiency and it appears as if I've found both qualities here with the Dark Mod. I also think Thief with the badass graphics of Doom 3 and larger levels (sorely missing from Deadly Shadows as much as I liked that game) sounds really cool. Here are some pieces I created over the weekend with the Dark Mod in mind: http://www.mashedbuddha.com/sounds/thief/A...ePersuasion.mp3 http://www.mashedbuddha.com/sounds/thief/SneaksieOneCD.m
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