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  1. Ah, I see. Then we can try the following: 1. Leave old *_0_24.dds (and *_1_24.dds if needed) as they are. 2. Create new *_2_24.dds file containing only accented characters. 3. Merge two *.dat files with new and old character mappings. AFAIR, q3font can convert them to text files and back which makes the task easier. The price will be one half-empty .dds file which may result in one more .dds file for the game to load, but I think this process will be much easier than painting characters in a raster graphics editor. I've made it from the TTF font which I downloaded DarkMod site long ago. The date of the archive is 03.11.2009, so it may have changed from that time. Is there a TTF file for the "Stone" font you use currently?
  2. I made an accented chars font according to the codepage on the wiki. Here it is: ftp://djriff.homeftp...versal_test.zip Is it what you're looking for?
  3. Mac_humaine was changed to resemble the original (the former one was some generic Romic font to test how it works at all AFAIR). I changed file names for Carleton and Nancy according to their original names, thus corrected *.dat files for it. The appearance of these hasn't changed, so you can keep the old ones as well. Yes, surely.
  4. I forgot to include MIP-maps in DDS files, they may not display correctly. Re-download please: ftp://djriff.homeftp.net/projects/darkmod/add-ons/ru_test/fonts/rufonts_test_02.zip
  5. I use FontLab to open an original TTF and add Cyrillic characters (mostly by combining various parts from existing ones). Then I save it as a new TTF with Win-1251 encoding applied to first 256 characters. Then I use Doom3 converter to create TGAs, then NVidia converter to make DDS. If you use some non-standard encoding, you'll have to create the codepage file describing it and put it into the FontLab directory.
  6. Hello there, Sorry for absence, was very busy at work. I've made all Cyrillic fonts for TDM: <link obsolete, see below> Modified TTF files are here: ftp://djriff.homeftp...rufonts_ttf.rar As some diacritical marks are already drawn in, I can re-encode TTFs and generate textures with accented characters. You need them to comply with the custom codepage, am I right?
  7. Bamberg cyrillic font: ftp://djriff.homeftp.net/projects/darkmod/add-ons/ru_test/fonts/bamberg.rar About that 'No choice' problem… What is the exact condition for the choice to appear in the list? Should it contain at least one Latin letter or should it begin or end with one? Can it be some non-letter char like single quote or period or comma?
  8. I made the Carleton font more bold. Actually, I didn't find an easy way to do it neither in FontLab, nor in ExportFont, so I just cranked up the gamma level in the alpha-channel of the texture and it did the trick. Also added 6 and 8 font sizes to both Carleton and Nancy Script and remapped the FF character in Nancy (I forgot to do it earlier). New versions are here: ftp://djriff.homeftp.net/projects/darkmod/add-ons/ru_test/fonts/carletonrus.rar ftp://djriff.homeftp.net/projects/darkmod/add-ons/ru_test/fonts/nancy_rus.rar
  9. <double post, delete please>
  10. Cyrillic Nancy Script font: ftp://djriff.homeftp...s/nancy_rus.rar The archive contains textures and index files for cyrillic font and two TTF files: Nancy_all.ttf is a 'normal' version, contains both cyrillic and ANSI characters, ExportFontToDoom3 will create ANSI textures with it. Nancy_cyr.ttf is a 'hacked' version, ANSI characters are replaced with cyrillic ones, ExportFontToDoom3 will create cyrillic textures with it. OK, I'll try.
  11. I've just translated almost all of them: ftp://djriff.homeftp.net/projects/darkmod/add-ons/ru_test/all_ru_2011-07-04.lang (the forum doesn't allow me to attach .lang files) BTW, what does the "Use-by-Fobbing" setting do?
  12. Yes, I remapped it to "¶" sign (0x86, Alt+0182).
  13. Cyrillic (win-1251) Carleton font: ftp://djriff.homeftp...carletonrus.rar I've updated the training mission mod with the new font and translated the mission briefing into Russian to test the font: ftp://djriff.homeftp...rustraining.pk4
  14. Ah, I think it's better for me to just redraw them based on original DarkMod fonts. As for the Carleton font though, it's made by Darkfate admin, DonSleza4e, so I think it's OK . Then I think I can remap the letter to some other char number.
  15. Hi. Do you need Russian Carleton font? I have one, it's just needed to be hacked a bit so that Doom3 font convertor could import it. I also have a collection of other fonts that can be used in Dark Mod as placeholders until I draw proper ones. The problem I've run into is the character 0xFF, the letter "я" in Russian (win-1251), the diacritic dot (˙) in win1250, "ÿ" in win1252. It's not displayed correctly, the space or nbsp is displayed instead. I checked the texture and the index file decompiled by q3font, all seems OK. Here is the screenshot which was made with the test package linked above: And the way the last paragraph should look like: Is it a some obsqure problem with the font or is a Doom3 bug?
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