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  1. There's always the possibility of having steam and non-steam builds using #ifdef to isolate steam-based code? My C++ is pretty weak but I've used similar in C# to allow for debugging and release code to be compiled differently

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  2. Really, I think we should stop trying to find ways to say that a steam version with steamworks for this game is impossible and instead find ways that we could make a steam version of the game possible, start working towards them by fixing glitches/bugs and adding more features, and then eventually when we have the people, time, and resources to get it done, we get it done.


    I agree. Abusing their bandwidth and getting some FM makers to approve their missions being bundled with the game would be a good start.


    Linking into Steam Cloud, Achievements and Steam Workshop should be a simple case of linking into the relevant DLLs from the SDK and making use of the functionality. Again, something only if so inclined. I do feel that Workshop would be a must to easily add more FMs.


    I reiterate. I'm more than happy to chip in $10 towards the cost of getting onto Greenlight.

  3. Value have one awesome cash cow known as Steam which generally means the stuff they make and release is rather up to scratch and generally is incredibly well supported due to money not really being a problem and they are in charge of their own deadlines and release dates. The fact that I'm still getting updates for HL2, etc. (nearly 10 years after release though they aren't 'major' updates, just tweaks in the engine) tells me they care about quality and I'm really quite excited about this news. Are we really sure we don't want to try and get TDM on Greenlight?

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  4. I don't think anyone is suggesting grabbing the limelight and charging people for the mod. There are plenty of games on Steam that are 'Free To Play' (Ok, they earn money by DLC but that's something else) and I think the majority of us who have pledged (myself included) have pledged to get TDM onto Greenlight so we can get more publicity, get a widespread platform to host and support the distribution and encourage more prople to play and add to the content available. This naturally leads to the mod getting Greenlit and put onto Steam for easy access for all (and easy updates too) - free of charge!

  5. Must admit that Thief 2 is my favourite of the three but from those choices, Thief Gold it has to be. Steam has the lot for £3.24 at the moment.


    I also think that Thief: Deadly Shadows isn't as bad as it's made out to be but that's a can of worms in itself ;)

  6. If you think that's bad, try Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. You download it on steam, then you run it and it installs UbiSoft's uPlay DRM factory which must be fired up each time you start the game. So basically you need to start up steam, start FC3:DB which then starts uPlay, then, once verified, will start the game.


    A shame really as the game is blooming great if you love your 80s stuff but what hassle!!!

  7. I rebuilt my PC to dual boot Mint Linux 15 and Windows 8. Had no real problems with Mint Linux at all. Native Steam works fine and all the Half Life games are there as full or Beta releases and work perfectly. PlayOnLinux is very impressive. I can play the vast majority of my games with a little tweaking with few problems. I do have a couple of minor issues with returning resolution to the desktop resolution for older games but that's quite rare and easy put right.


    Not installed TDM just yet. I'm waiting for 2.0 before I do that.


    Fuck you linux, you are NOT an alternative to Windows and at this rate you never will be


    In respect to the quote. Good. It isn't meant to be. Same as iOS, Unix, etc. isn't meant to be either.


    On a related note, I highly recommend Mint Linux 15 with Cinnamon. It's close enough to Windows 7 to be an easy transition without being too samey.

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