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  1. @ New Horizon: I'm in Colorado, in the USA. A little bit away from where you are. @ Sparhawk: Hmm, I haven't dug too deeply into CVS yet, though I know enough to be an operator. I'm gonna take a look at some stuff there and let you know. As for a web interface, I'll let you know as soon as I can.
  2. Excellent. Very good approach. Damn, I wish I could be there in person. Where are you located, anyway?
  3. Murmel, any chance of thief-universe being available in English? Online translators are not very good, even the best ones.
  4. @ Sparhawk: Are the email notifications only for when CVS is updated, or is it a group mailing list? Setting up Mailman to handle a mailing list is something that I could do, as it's an awesome Python-driven system that features digest capability and I've set it up on my GNU/Linux server at home. I'm sure that I could write something that would get sent out in the daily digest for when CVS changes or something like that. Uploading of ssh keys could be a pretty simple ftp cgi, depending on your needs. Do you use ssh for secure CVS access, then? @ New Horizon: hey, I had to ask. Keep me in m
  5. heh Man, I've moved so many times I can't remember where any of my old stuff is. As far as what my band sounded like think of it as a cross between My Dying Bride and Paradise Lost on the music side, with Bolt Thrower-style vocals (that was from an actual review done for our demo). Melodic, and heavy as hell. Ah, the good old days . . . It may sound corny, but I believe that my taste in music (now more like Bathory, Arcanum, and Black & Viking Metal), my roleplaying experience, and my love of zombie movies, combined with my dark sense of humor, makes me well-suited for a dark fantasy-st
  6. @ Fingernail: Actually no, as most of my stuff has been lost in the apartment shuffle and the sands of time, but I can get some made. What I'll do is work up a small script (the acting kind), and get some stuff recorded. @ Sparhawk: I can certainly test anything on Linux, and I may be able to help with some coding there, if necessary. What kinds of stuff are you looking for on the Linux side?
  7. I've been a big Thief fan since the beginning, and I would love to assist Dark Mod in any capacity necessary. I don't actually have direct voice-acting experience, but I have been a vocalist and singer for a little over ten years. Most of what I've done has been in death metal bands; however, I'd love to provide some clean vocals for such a project, perhaps voices for Pagan-type characters. Even some dark, villain style stuff, raspy or beast-like voices, I can do. Ah heck, I would be happy to do some Stupid Guard stuff, too. I'm also an experienced Tribes 2 modder (nothing you would reco
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