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Found 1 result

  1. First I'd like to apologise for my lack of contribution in this forum in the last few months I am grateful to Hamlet and Nightstalker and many others for their efforts to get the linux version compiling and running. I would have liked to have provided more help but I'm a complete amateur with no formal training and it seems like every time I tried to write something contributory, I found I was unsure of what I was trying to say or lacking in basic understanding. For these reasons, I decided to remain silent rather than muddy the waters. Ok with that out of the way I'll explain my current problem. I'm still having trouble getting things working on 64-bit linux. (Currently -r6775) It compiles fine but crashes out at runtime with an error which I believe to be something to do with libboost_filesystem.a I've attached The full gdb session log as `gdb-packaged-libs.log.txt` After faffing around for days wondering what it could all mean, I decided to obtain the Boost source and compile my own 32 bit libraries. I placed the files in /usr/lib32/ and made the necessary edits to the scons files. Miraculously, I had caught a break and the game compiled and ran without issue... Or so I thought. I've now discovered that pressing the lean key causes the game to crash. I have posted the record of the gdb session in the attached file "gdb-system-libs.log.txt" A backtrace reveals that a problem develops after the call to idCollisionModelManagerLocal::Rotation() (frame 5) I have also done an `info args` and an `info locals` to show the state of the data. Presumably, this data causes the assertion in /usr/lib32/libc.so.6 (frame 4) to fail somehow. Anyway I've exhausted all avenues that I can think of so please help if you can. Don't hesitate to ask for more info/testing. ps. congrats on the steam greenlight thingy. gdb-packaged-libs.log.txt gdb-system-libs.log.txt
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