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  1. That's very encouraging guys. I'll get back on it ASAP.
  2. Thanks teh_saccade. It's not really ready to play yet, I'm going to get back to it soon to make it playable and get it working with windows and Xbox controller. I did play Deadly Shadows on pc with a logitech dual analogue controller many years ago, I was delighted with the controls but wasn't so happy with the direction the game had taken. I played The Dark Age with a program called PinnacleGameProfiler which was much better than Xpadder or Joy2key but cost €15 at the time. I certainly got my money's worth as I managed to play many games adequately with it including STALKER, Morrowind
  3. I've been trying to implement dual analogue gamepad support for tdm for many months now. This is my first real attempt at serious coding so the road has been difficult and slow. The current state of things can be found at https://github.com/crinkelite, all changes are in the joystick branch. It depends on SDL2 Right now, it will only work on Linux with a playstation 3 controller. Please understand this is a complete amateur hack job which probably breaks every rule there is. The good --------------------------------------------------------------------------- The players view is contr
  4. Ok so it seems this issue is a bug that I introduced through editing the code. I was sure that the bug existed in both my code and the latest SVN revision but this was a mistake. I had verified this by reverting to, and compiling the svn code and triggering the bug there also. I'm guessing that I may have had a debugging session open when compiling the SVN code which would have prevented the build script from copying the binaries into the run directory. This allowed me to mistakenly believe that I was running the virgin code when I was in fact running my broken code. Basically, a stupid bl
  5. Sorry nbohr1more, I missed your post somehow. I'm pretty sure this isn't a configuration issue but I'll stick the Darkmod.cfg up anyway. Darkmod.cfg.txt autoexec.cfg.txt
  6. A very valid point. I'll have to see if I can change the title somehow. - EDIT: I can't Oh good. I had a nagging feeling that my non-packaged libs could somehow be the cause of this crash so it's good to know that you're not having problems. It happens consistently with "Q", "E" and "F" and on all maps. I managed to get some slightly more accurate information about the crash. The assertion fails at cm/CollisionModel_rotate.cpp:1616 assert( ((byte *)&start) < ((byte *)results) || ((byte *)&start) > (((byte *)results) + sizeof( trace_t )) ); I'll have to have a a loo
  7. I have all my dependencies in place and the game is compiling fine. It produces 32 bit binaries which runs as expected for the most part. /home/joe/games/tdm/darkmod/thedarkmod.x86: ELF 32-bit LSB executable, Intel 80386, version 1 (GNU/Linux), dynamically linked, interpreter /lib/ld-linux.so.2, for GNU/Linux 2.6.32, BuildID[sha1]=b0a31110c49260cde4db9c3c6e14e32516a44536, not stripped, with debug_info There is something subtle going awry here. As I've said, the game loads and is playable. It runs very well in fact but something goes wrong when the game tries to rotate the player model for the
  8. First I'd like to apologise for my lack of contribution in this forum in the last few months I am grateful to Hamlet and Nightstalker and many others for their efforts to get the linux version compiling and running. I would have liked to have provided more help but I'm a complete amateur with no formal training and it seems like every time I tried to write something contributory, I found I was unsure of what I was trying to say or lacking in basic understanding. For these reasons, I decided to remain silent rather than muddy the waters. Ok with that out of the way I'll explain my current p
  9. Sorry about the delay but as I indicated earlier, I'm getting the same compilation errors on ubuntu-32 as with archlinux-64 I've actually spent most of the interim wrestling with qemu and installing slackware. It's not something I'm used to. I'll post my results if I can manage to get slackware ready for compiling but I hope nobody's holding their breath :/ I'm delighted to see some positive action on the Linux build. Ubuntu version 4.8.0-30 generic i686 gcc 6.2.0 ubuntu32-tdm_2.04.compiler-output.txt
  10. Ok so I decided to try compiling under 32 bit Linux. I installed Ubuntu 32 bit 16.10 via qemu and attempted to compile the source. I'll post the resulting output later tonight (when I figure out qemu's shared folder feature) but for now I'll just say that the results seem to be identical to 64 bit arch. Compilation fails with while processing pugixml.hpp with "reference to basic_string is ambiguous". Is it possible that this bug has been introduced by the pugixml project? I'll do my best to get the actual logs posted later and will attempt to set up a working Slackware 32-bit environment f
  11. could I please get permission to view the beta testing forum.
  12. I get the same results with 2.04 as with the svn. I've attached both pre and post patch logs. Thanks for fixing the scons issue. I'm seeing substantial gains also. I would have liked to reply earlier but I was away for the weekend. I'm very anxious to see this get fixed so I'm quite willing to do any testing that might help. compile_log_2.04.txt devil_patched_compile_log_2.04.txt
  13. I think the file is auto generated with default settings if it is not found on startup. Delete or rename it and launch the program as normal.
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