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  1. For example, that is fixed, no more "wasted time", so no more "gratuitous latency". That was just a mishandling of the socket. That "warming up" was related to OS buffers, like I said in one post, but was caused by mishandling the socket buffer. Performance-wise: I activated the FPS counter, I uncapped FPS , I tried to reach more than 60 FPS but I couldn't (maybe my driver in linux is not uncapped or I didn't set vsync off ... I really didn't attack the "60 FPS problem") what I wanted to see if this code was affecting FPS in any way and I found it does not. Maybe 2 or 3 FPS , but that's
  2. No, I'm afraid not yet. I can tell you that I've been working on it to fix some issues, and I already fixed many of them. Right now it is much better than before, when comparing to those first versions on the videos. I was on vacation, and all this "project" was born on my free time. Anyways, it is not dead, I just didn't make more posts in the forum, because I wanted to fix it and make more videos like I promised. Windows port: I just didn't start it yet. I know I will have to do it if I want more users to try it, so I'll do it, but I can't say when it will be available.
  3. One other very important source for inspiration: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Police_911 Look this video, it gives the answer to the question "Can a human lean safely while playing a videogame?" :
  4. More videos are coming!!! I need to cover many topics in the videos, including some already discussed here. Those videos would need more editing. The 2 videos I posted are of "low production quality" and offers zero explanation of pros/cons, or maybe hints, it doesn't show implications of the development / design decisions, says nothing about performance. EDIT: the angle can be tweaked. It is not like you always have to rotate your head 90 degrees to achieve 90 degrees in TDM, right now the angle is upscaled a little, so maybe my head at 70 degrees makes 90 in TDM. BUT EVERYTHING
  5. Thank you for your reply!!! EDIT: I forgot something very important: I think the input lag you saw was on the first seconds after starting the map? Please, look again. Follow the entire sequence. It takes 2 or 3 seconds I think "to build up", and after that "warming up" period it works great and is more responsive. Maybe look at the video that says test 1, the "darker video". There I play through a FM until I die. It is very important that you say which input lag have you spotted, which video and at what time. (The "warming up" I think it is related to: (1) intrinsic WiFi ope
  6. OK, nice to know that Steam has that kind of feature and that TDM works with Steam Link. And no, right now I'm not interested in those "cheap VR" solutions. I've tested one years ago, it was cool, smooth, on a Goog Pixel 3 that a friend had, tested with Goog Cardboard, but my cell phone doesn't have lots of hardware , and my WiFi is just 802.11 N, so I'm not sure if I have anything for it to run smoothly. Anyways, I coded did this thing for using it with a monitor. I like to think of it as an "extension" to "traditional PC gaming" with mouse + keyboard. I don't dislike using my mo
  7. Hi, I'm new to this forum and I must say not a newbie but at an introductory level about graphics programming, and also a little C++ experience. (I did code some things graphics-related in the past and dedicated a lot of time to inform myself of CG stuff. But my "total hours" coding CG are really low. Having read other users posts in this forum I see that right now I only reach the soles of their shoes). What I'm about to say maybe was already spoken in this topic or another, but ... what about Vulkan? (for achieving more 3D performance) I've read talks about this between @HM
  8. I'll reply further about these issues, with no intention to be aggressive. Why? Are keyboard + mouse "immersive"? You are right, but they would have no trouble at all wearing a VR headset? If you're saying it because "cell phones emit EM waves", then ok, you can put your phone in airplane mode, shutting of 4G. But it needs WiFi ... so there would be the discussion "does WiFi" affect your cells? And so I'll say "if there is any wireless VR headset, do you think it would not use WiFi , or the 2.4 GHz frequency band?" No, that's not right, you're assuming, you haven't
  9. One further question: Is there a poll in this forum that asks which types of controllers do players use?
  10. Can you further explain why? Both of them: why do you say full VR only or one controller only? One of the reasons I made this was (I give 2 reasons) that VR is expensive to buy (in most cases) and because many years ago (no VR existed back then, at least not the VR as it is today) existed the idea that when you are (in game) in front of a corner of a wall, and you naturally have the tendency to lean, to look past that corner. I've also seen people playing with keyboard and mouse like 20 years ago and they had a tendency to lean to a side to look further ... that move is made instinctiv
  11. Yes, that's exactly what Raven Shield implemented back in 2003. If we try to make a list of games that implemented fluid lean, of all the games that allow leaning, I think we will find that maybe 3% of all "leaners" are "fluid leaners".
  12. Any ideas for new video creation would be appreciated !!!
  13. Just to clarify one matter: what I implemented is not a trick. It doesn't use the gyroscope nor "the linear accelerometer data" , it uses gravity data. With that, NO DRIFTING PROBLEMS EXIST, because it is data from an absolute measurement. The angle read from the cell phone is the right angle. The input data is fast enough now, but I think I can make it a little better. I'll clarify all matters in subsequent videos, I'll try to tackle all the benefits of how this is implemented, and try to explain them clearly, without the benefit of the doubt.
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