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  1. Still wishing you the best, Taquito. This is insane, a territory of the US is still mostly (basically everywhere) without power and water. Granted, it's a huge job, but can't more be done? I have a brother who lives in the US Virgin Islands. I just shipped 24 chainsaws to the company he works for, so his company can help out the US Corps of Engineers. Something is really wrong with this picture, are we so in love with our 50 star flag that we can not make these territories states? Forgive my ranting, I just don't get this. Hang tough, Taquito!
  2. We are all still thinking of you, Taquito! Hopefully, you found a good use for those paper towels that our great leader threw at you. Seriously, hope you and your family are well.
  3. I'm using it with no crashes (yet), however, NoScript stopped working. After some fiddling around, I did get it back again. Great! That just figures! Thanks for the heads-up, Atomica, I had done a bit of research into my NoScript problem, but I didn't run across that bit of info. Keeping my fingers crossed that my favorite Add-ons will still work.
  4. Hopefully, he'll be ok. Just going from his posts, he's an intelligent and resourceful person. No doubt about it though, his hands are going to be full for awhile. Even after things start to return to normal there, it's likely that it will be sometime before he has the time to check in here. I'm sure that he'll get a kick out of that vid! Also, I'm sure he will be alright, his avatar is a dog in full scuba gear! (MODS, I'm going to bump this thread every once in awhile, sorry)
  5. Taquito lives in Puerto Rico, and they got hit hard by hurricanes. Basically no one has power there now and it looks like it could be at least a month before power is back up, maybe even longer.
  6. It may be a long time before you are able to check in here, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that everyone here hopes you are well, and we are all hoping that you and your family are ok. Hang in there, stay safe, and hope you can come back soon.
  7. No worries bobrpggamer! I had posted in Commchat on ttlg, and then thought I would post here, thus the rather cryptic thread title. I don't do Facebook or any of that other hashtaggie stuff, but I wanted to reach out for help anywhere I could find it. It was my mistake, not yours, I assumed that because I first learned of TDM from TTLG that everyone here started at TTLG. Looking at the dates of your posts, the voting was already over at that point, and the link I posted may have re-directed to someplace weird. Thanks again to everyone, the roof is finished, and it looks great! They completely
  8. Update! New roof is in progress! Thanks to you all! The roofers have done a complete tear-off of her old roof and re-sheathed and put down new self-sealing membrane, should have the job finished tomorrow. Thanks again! Sorry bobrpggamer, I have had my hands a little full lately, that link was closed due to the contest being over, but thanks for trying!
  9. Congrats, NeonStyle, downloading now! I tend to just skim these threads just in case of unintended spoilers, but couldn't help but notice raymeld and Oldjim's comments. raymeld 75, and Oldjim I'm guessing 65ish? Nice to hear, I'm 52 and I have lately often wondered if I will still be enjoying tdm in the future. I hope I will be able to keep up with you! Cheers to you both, and to Neon!
  10. Thanks Biya! It's official, she has won a new roof! Thanks everyone!!! I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help. Aileen wants me to pass on her thanks for the votes, along with a hug for you all, not sure she gets the whole internet forum thing. But there you go, a warm friendly hug from my great neighbor and friend, in digital form! Thanks again!
  11. Thanks all! The percentage counter is turned off now to make it a surprise for the winner, but she was in the lead with 55% of votes at last count. Will let you know what happens on the 14th.
  12. Thanks guys! Really appreciate the support, she just came to my rescue again today, she may be the world's best neighbor. You guys rock!
  13. So shines a good deed in a weary world Can I get a little help here? As some of you may be aware, I am a caregiver for my mother who has Alzheimers. I have a really great neighbor who has helped me out several times. She is 90 years old, but still continues to do a lot of community work. She has watched over my little monster three times, giving me the opportunity to run to the store, or to the pharmacist. The last time she watched over my mother I came home to find her sitting on my mothers bed, holding her hand. She has a chance to have her roof replaced for free, providing enough people vot
  14. Bikerdude, I can only echo the hopes of others, that you will continue to stick around and help other mappers and continue to create map content as you have done for so long. Taking a step back seems a totally reasonable reaction, but you are (it seems to me) such an important part of TDM, that to lose you would be a blow to the TDM community. You have given so much to this community, and I hope you realize that a lot of us recognize all you have done, I'm sure that I am not the only person to think so. I can only say thanks for all you have done! Thanks to you, and more people, (you know who
  15. My condolences, teh_saccade. Remember the good times, and remember you are never alone.
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