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Found 1 result

  1. Hello. There's one suggestion I wanted to make in regard to potential new entities and assets. I noticed there are now rat and horse NPC's, which can be placed on maps and offer a nice touch. Since the action usually takes place in towns, and players can break into people's houses or encounter civilians, I was wondering if cats and dogs could ever be expected. I think they'd add some nice extra detail to towns, and could even have a few roles in regard to gameplay. I was thinking of something among these lines: Cats: Can run about as fast as rats, and have the ability to somewhat block the player (slightly impede movement). Additionally, they can jump and may bump into objects... causing a noise that can alert guards, just like the player throwing objects at walls does. Obviously it should be a very small alert... we wouldn't want an entire army / gang running around the place because a cat bumped into a vase Dogs: Slower than cats and rats but still faster than players, blocks movement like a human NPC. I believe there should be two categories: Dogs that attack, and dogs that only bark (potentially attacking if attacked first). An enemy dog that barks can make a lot of noise, and alert guards from afar to your location.
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