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Found 1 result

  1. As we all have a lot of questions and impressions of what we've seen from 'Thief', I figured it would be beneficial for us all, to get some of the information straightened out. (I'll make sure to edit and update key points, with everything being in reference to the links provided.) Key points: -Almost all of the HUD/UI can be disable individually by the player. -There is going to be an 'Oldschool mode', which limits the players HUD/UI similar to the old Thief games. -The 'shroud effect' in the videos, is a placeholder version, not the final result. -The 'lightgem' is still in the game, in addition to the shroud effect. -The 'hands' are an essential part of the design. -There is an XP system and a loot system. -XP is used to upgrade Garrett's skills. -Loot is used to buy Garrett's equipment upgrades, extra arrows, tools, etc. -The XP earned is heavily dependent on stealth, not aggression/combat. -Rope arrows are limited to certain spots. -The game-play demos are not scripted, they are rehearsed to showcase the game and features. -Thief(2014) "..-Is not a sequel or prequel to the previous series, it is a re-invention of the Thief franchise, which means narratively, it's very different." -Focus has it's introduction via a storyline placement, early in the game, relating to 'Garrett's Eye'. -The 'Focus feature' can be disabled before starting a new game. It may be made possible to re-enable it, but at the expense of the achievement for completing the game without -Health and Focus does not regenerate, the player has to find pick-ups and consumables. -Focus is not intended as a 'win-button', but an ability to briefly highlight objectives or boost stealth, lock-picking, pick-pocketing or combat skills. -It's primarily a first-person game, with the exception of small segments where the camera goes third-person. -A lot of features for touch-pads and next-gen consoles are still in development. -Lock-picking animation will change when getting closer to the 'sweet-spot'. -Lock-picking can be done with the help of animation, sound, UI and focus assist. -Burning building sequence not an escape from a manor, from another part of the game entirely. That sort of thing supposedly very rare. -Simple blackjacking does not require a take-down button. -Unconscious guards can be woken up. -An action heavy approach would be very difficult. -Demo players found the guards to be very observant, and mentioned that: "If they suspect something is there they actually will change how they patrol the environment to include the area they saw." -Demo players weren't able to change actions "mid-animation". -The game pauses when you read things. -Garrett's eye can zoom, with a tint around the edges and a slight 'blur effect'. -"..-there is a post mission stats screen. It had total loot items vs how much was in the level as well as things like kills, knockouts, alerts, times caught, mission time, and a few challenges like “Ghost-..”" -"The shadows and light gem are not binary, but work on a gradient system. Likewise, the shadows were dynamic like in Deadly Shadows. You can hide in the shadow of guard, for example." -Focus seems to burn about 1% every 3 seconds. Actions performed while in focus, takes about 20% for an aimed arrow, 10% for a blackjack on a weak spot. -'Leaning' is contextual, and replaced by 'peaking'. The player can look up and around whatever object he's hiding behind, but not freely as in TDM. Videos from E3 2013: 10 minute full-screen game-play with commentary, by Daniel Windfeld Schmidt, Thief Lead Level Designer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U0KS2Hm6_oM Game-play with commentary, by Stéphane Roy, Thief Producer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L67VurX81VI 33 minute video on stage with the gameplay demo, and commentary by Stéphane Roy, Thief Producer www.youtube.com/watch?v=5--ZKsAi5E0 (Can't hotlink more media links) Gamespot Newsroom review with Carolyn Petit and Jonathan Toyad: www.youtube.com/watch?v=fXZKBa-2xJE (Can't hotlink more media links) PCGamesHardware interview, with Daniel Windfeld Schmidt, Thief Lead Level Designer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrGSV6-EKHQ (Can't hotlink more media links) (Can't hotlink more media links) Reviews from E3 2013: http://ca.ign.com/ar...g-from-a-master - Detailed and colorful review, that describes the E3 Thief demo play-through experience, by Richard George Other articles: http://metro.co.uk/2...d-down-3847108/ - "Thief hands-on preview – stealing hearts (and anything else not nailed down)" http://www.gamesrada...ing-candy-baby/ - "Being a thief in Thief isnt easy stealing candy baby" http://www.gameinfor...t-stealing.aspx - "What Playing Thief Taught Me About Stealing" http://www.joystiq.c...creep-in-thief/ - "Be an old-school creep in Thief" http://www.officialp...ays-of-playing/ - "Thief 4 completable “without killing anyone”, will support “awkward ways of playing”" http://www.fmvmagazine.com/?p=16329 - "THIEF REBOOT IS “MORE NUANCED” THAN DISHONORED, SAYS EIDOS MONTREAL" http://www.rockpaper...e3-playthrough/ - "Thief: Eidos’ Words Vs My E3 Playthrough" http://sneakybastard...thief-hands-on/ - "Lay Thy Hammer Down: Thief Hands-On Preview" Other external forum threads: http://www.ttlg.com/...ad.php?t=141768 - A very detailed and extensive summery by "Chade". http://www.ttlg.com/...ad.php?t=141236 - a VERY LARGE collection of Thief related material. http://www.eidosforu...257#post1927257 - "We PLAYED THIEF at E3 – Ask us anything!" - A lot of good QA: ( http://www.eidosforu...57&postcount=19 ) http://www.eidosforu...6&postcount=117 - "Master Taffer" shares more insights from the E3 demo
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