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Found 1 result

  1. So, already a few weeks ago, I started writing a Pagan vocal script concept. I took the master template for new VS-s, wrote down ideas already brainstormed on the side, then read closely through the VS to see where some would fit, and what other lines I could insert and expand upon. I try to keep the lines short and snappy, but interesting enough. Before I even started, I read all the past discussions on this topic, made notes of other peoples' existing suggestions. Just to have a point of comparison, both for what I might try for my script, and for what I wouldn't (because it would not fit tonally). Much has been discussed on how to avoid making the Pagan characters sound like caricatures, either in speech style, or in overdone references to nature/deities/etc. They're not meant to be "New Age tree-hugger hippies", they're meant to be realistic-sounding individuals. As The Dark Mod's lore includes nuances such as Pagans being not only some yet-untamed "barbarian" tribesmen outside of the Empire, but also some hidden Pagans among the commoners in cities/towns and villages/rural hamlets, I had to account for that while putting together the script. You'll see more of my rationale once I expand this post in the near future, when I have the concept script fully ready. For the time being, let's just say I tried to avoid too many overt references to nature and pre-Builder folk religion. Ergo, as it wouldn't make sense for an urban Pagan from the City's narrow alleys and slums to talk about, e.g. mighty stags on a forest meadow (or something like that), I try to make any and all nature references more down-to-earth and subtle. Example, AI alerted and searching for a hiding tresspasser: "Where have you scurried to, little mouse ? Where, oh where, have you scurried to ?" No diminutives, no plant and magic references in every second word, but you still have this vague indication the guy in question might be more of a nature-worshipper in private than a Builder monotheist. (Not that Builder-faithful wouldn't have an appreciation for nature, it's just that the views of it would differ somewhat, on a psychological/cultural level.) There are some lines about spirits or natural forces and so on too, but most of the other lines are such that they could work for any commoner in a rural or urban setting. ---- This entire vocal script concept is readable below. For the sake of quicker readability, I have divided the entire overview with the use of spoilers, based on the sections of the vocal script. ---- BASIC INFORMATION ON THE VOCAL SCRIPT ("Pagan male / Tribesman") AI STATES: Relaxed AI STATES: Alert These barks are meant to tell the player that the AI has seen or heard something. AI STATES: Searching COMBAT AND PURSUIT FINDING EVIDENCE You have found or observed something that looks out of place. You aren't seeing or hearing the intruder directly, but something that might be a sign that one was here earlier. Greetings Since greetings can be made to friends or strangers, delivery should be fairly neutral. Also, there's no way to know whether the AI have seen each other once or twenty times before greeting each other, so typical "hello" greetings should be limited in favour of casual comments or questions that can be answered 'yes'. Greetings are not exchanged between sitting characters, so assume that the greeting is a quick one as AI pass each other. Not every greeting is needed for every vocal character. The thug, for example, has special greetings for female characters because he's a sexist pig, but not every character needs those. ---- Feedback ? I'd like to ask you to provide your own constructive criticism now. Feel free to provide feedback on the lines, try to give me constructive criticism on what could be improved, added, dropped, changed. I'm all ears. Sink your nitpicky teeth into this vocal script proposal. Final note Besides this particular VS, I also have one/two more in development, and I plan to start work on them soon.
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