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Found 5 results

  1. http://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=4742 The latest DarkRadiant commit in https://github.com/codereader/DarkRadiant ( 2ad55e91df66e11c5385ba40cf3615f56f7d00e8 ) fails configuration. Oddly enough the console doesn't output the exact cause, it only complains that Makefile.in cannot be found. I use Linux openSUSE Tumbleweed 64bit. Below is a console log with the commands I ran and the respective output. mircea@linux-qz0r:~/Downloads/DarkRadiant> ./autogen.sh;./configure --prefix=/home/mircea/Downloads/DarkRadiant/install --enable-darkmod-plugins libtoolize: putting auxiliary files in '
  2. I recently halfheartedly tried to comile TDM on my Debian Stretch (amd64) system. I didn't succeed, mostly due to the fact that I couldn't find any recent compiling instructions. The file COMPILING.txt just directs to this wiki site which seems terribly outdated and many of the listed dependencies aren't available in recent Debian versions anymore. I tried to just compile it by running scons, but I ran into lots of compilation errors, probably because I missed to do many things, which recent compiling instructions would tell me to do. Did I just not find recent instructions or are there real
  3. DarkRadiant stopped compiling after a series of system package updates in openSUSE Tumbleweed today. Oddly enough, I get an error related to boost again, although I compile DR with the same Boost version downloaded from the official website and compiled locally (was 1.54, now 1.59 but same issue). Core DR appears to compile, the error is in the filters plugin. Can anyone please take a look and fix this? make[2]: Entering directory '/home/mircea/Games/Quake/TheDarkMod/DarkRadiant_GIT/plugins/filters' CXX XMLFilter.lo CXX BasicFilterSystem.lo CXX filters.lo CXXLD filte
  4. I have recently upgraded from openSUSE 13.2 to openSUSE Tumbleweed. I am able to compile DarkRadiant without any errors, but I can no longer run it. DR will immediately crash at startup when I try to do so. The crash takes place immediately after the menu in which I select the engine path, so it might occur when DR attempts to render something. mircea@linux-qz0r:~/Games/Quake/TheDarkMod/darkmod> /home/mircea/Games/Quake/TheDarkMod/DarkRadiant_GIT/install/bin/darkradiant Segmentation fault (core dumped) mircea@linux-qz0r:~/Games/Quake/TheDarkMod/darkmod> If it's of any help, here is als
  5. I am trying to compile the latest SVN engine, on openSUSE Tumbleweed (via gcc 4.8). Compilation goes well until the end, when the process mysteriously fails for an unexplained reason. The only thing that seems to be printed is the name of the file and something called "Error 1". Anyone else running across this, and knows of a solution? Thanks. cm/CollisionModel_load.cpp: At global scope: cm/CollisionModel_load.cpp:42:13: warning: ‘versioned’ defined but not used [-Wunused-variable] static bool versioned = RegisterVersionedFile("$Id: CollisionModel_load.cpp 6551 2015-10-15 18:48:23Z stevel $"
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