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Found 2 results

  1. I got this to compile all the way and produce a debian file, however, I tried to start the game, but there appears to be some pathing issues with the changes I choose (pushing files to the traditional user games). The "journey" or my steps is outlined in my github issues post I created for my SteamOS external tools repository. If anyone has any direction at all on where to proceed next, that would be GREATLY appreciated. The repository in use is a snapshot of TDM 2.0.3 with Debian packaging. One of the issues that was hard to overcome, is the wiki page is woefully out of date, vs the Dark Radiant wiki page counterpart. This incorporates the zllib/scons patch posted on another thread (linked in my github post and in the patches folder). The build came out to ~330 MB, so maybe I am missing a step to run the updater built afterward? OS: SteamOS / Debian 8 Builders: debuild or pdebuild (clean room) chroot arch: i386 (pdebuild) https://github.com/ProfessorKaos64/SteamOS-Tools/issues/126 contact: professorkaos64 at linux.com
  2. I'm trying to compile DR in Ubuntu 13.4 .configure informed that a package named "ftgl" was missing (maybe this "ftgl" should be stated as the required packages in the package list in the README after adding this package i tried .configure again and i got the following error: .... checking for the Boost unit_test_framework library... no configure: error: cannot find the flags to link with Boost unit_test_framework any idea on how to solve this?
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