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  1. you can add those if you want amongst the ones that come with DR
  2. solved excellent decision to go with cmake, I could compile without problems, before I installed the new version I had to deinstall the last version to avoid problems thou.
  3. changing the theme with gnome-tweaks from yaru-dark to adwaita (the dafault for ubuntu) didn't bear any change related to shortcuts being present, it might not be related to the theme of GTK?
  4. How do I change to a different GUI theme? For future reference I would suggest to post somewhere screencaps of the principal screens of the editor so we can compare visually those kinds of errors.
  5. I couldn't complete the compiling, I got the following error:
  6. I didn't knew DR already displayed the key shortcuts in other OSes but in Linux DR doesn't display key short-cuts beside the menu functions.
  7. oh, then it means that the shortcuts are not displaying on Linux.
  8. I guess this wish has already been posted... Could the key shortcuts be added to the menu functions, like in Blender? so people could learn the key shortcuts and proceed more efficiently. as an example, in the case of "Connect selected entities" in the Entity menu, display beside it's name the "ctrl + k" key short cut. And even maybe display it in a different colour or in Bold?
  9. oh, now I see, In my case is the worldspawn def in the Open Tech Engine, it has that bluish colour in the editor_color spawnarg! sorry
  10. with the last pull, 5 mins and counting, the autosave is at 5 minutes and is on, I would say solved?
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