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  1. I didn't knew DR already displayed the key shortcuts in other OSes but in Linux DR doesn't display key short-cuts beside the menu functions.
  2. oh, then it means that the shortcuts are not displaying on Linux.
  3. I guess this wish has already been posted... Could the key shortcuts be added to the menu functions, like in Blender? so people could learn the key shortcuts and proceed more efficiently. as an example, in the case of "Connect selected entities" in the Entity menu, display beside it's name the "ctrl + k" key short cut. And even maybe display it in a different colour or in Bold?
  4. oh, now I see, In my case is the worldspawn def in the Open Tech Engine, it has that bluish colour in the editor_color spawnarg! sorry
  5. with the last pull, 5 mins and counting, the autosave is at 5 minutes and is on, I would say solved?
  6. yes autosave crashes darkradiant, deselecting autosave in settings solved the crashes.
  7. randomly crashing on me too, i think it's the autosave feature. i tried to GDB it but I can't get a back trace, in ubuntu it shows the "this program has stopped responding" but repeated instances happened during an autosave. I'm gonna try deselecting the autosave feature...
  8. here is the bug report: https://bugs.thedarkmod.com/view.php?id=5387 on Ubuntu 20.10 on last pull from branch 2.9.0 from github. now when creating the brush with a selected material it doesn't segfault any more, it's only when you apply a material the next time it segfaults: when applying a new material on a brush either from an existing brush with already a working material, or when the brush has the default material, the thing is that when you apply the new material it segfaults. that is either in the media tab, when selecting another material for a given selected brush, or, w
  9. man it works... and the issue is resolved. but I've found new ones also related to selecting and applying other textures, I'll do two more bug reports
  10. after typing in the Darkradiant cloned repository folder: sudo make uninstall, and after a uninstall process, there is still the following folders left in the system:
  11. here it is: is this enough? the texture I'm selecting is the first one in Doom3: textures / alphalabs / a_enwall13c
  12. I open DarkRadiant, select Doom3 as a edit platform, select the correct folder, the program runs fine, i can add entities, and create brushes with the default texture, but once i click on a material in the media/textures list i get a segfault. here is the GDB error trace: and here is the content of the log file: the log file doesn't update with any new error message: if you open the log file while the program works, when the program segfaults then log file doesn't update any more, but I post it for checking anyways. in the GDB trace the segfaults happen after all the
  13. no, i get the same error: here is the GDB trace: and here is the log file: it gives me the same Error: it seems that CameraWndManager is the first module to be registered, but then it gets registered again after VirtualFileSystem gets registered?
  14. nope, I uninstalled it with sudo make uninstall Then I searched for all folders with "darkradiant" in my system and deleted them all manually. Then recompiled the code and Installed it again, but unfortunately I get the same error message.
  15. built and installed, but I still get an error when running it I get the following Error window: here is the GDB trace:
  16. what do you mean? you need my configure.ac script?
  17. once I start darkradiant I get a segfault: here is the darkradiant.log here is GDB:
  18. isn't it failing at the end of the compile process? it says it "Leaving directory '/home/biel/code/DarkRadiant/radiant'" so by that time it has already compiled radiant isn't it? The config.log: my Ubuntu is Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS, my python is the standard one.
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