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Found 1 result

  1. Hidden Hands: Initiation Download via the ingame downloader. Latest update is version 3 (released 16/02/2021) Explore Blackstone Island to become a full-fledged member of the “Hidden Hands”! General: TDM version: 2.06 EFX: yes Play time: ca. 5 – 7 hours (depending on play style and difficulty settings) Type: island with several sections (manor, sewers, cabin, bank, graveyard, church and crypts) Enemies: guards, thieves, spiders, mages and extra-natural entities Known problems: 1. The noblewoman sitting in the pavilion can sometimes not be knocked out without failing the mission in general; decent thieves should leave her alone anyway. (version 1 and version 2) 2. If combination locks do not work when using correct codes, then please go to Settings - Gameplay - and change the option "Open doors on unlock" to the value "yes". (version 1) Gameplay differences (apart from changes in the objectives list): Easy: Less enemies, less lights, many light switches Medium: More enemies, alternative AI routes, more lights, some light switches Hard: Even more enemies, alternative AI routes, even more lights, less light switches Development: Build time: November 2017 – November 2018 Beta testing: November/December 2018 Beta testers: Boiler’s_hiss (aka “The Architect’s Darling”) s.urfer (aka “The Punisher”) Cambridge Spy Abusimplea Performance checks: Duzenko Contributors: - ERH+ arranged/created the setup for the puzzle in Adrian's Crypt - I don't understand what he did exactly (alchemy?), but it works as it should. - Destined provided a custom skin for an interior module and wrote a new definition for the spider bots, enabling those beasts to move through tunnels. - Joebarnin provided a fix to make the combination locks work. - Amadeus revised and edited all in-game readables, maps, and signs. He created the final mission title "Hidden Hands: Initiation" as well as gave some special items heroic names, such as "Axe of Fury" or "Orb of Will". - Grayman fixed the frobbing problems with the hidden wall safe and combination lock. Pilfered items: - Floating boat setup and thief's message box re-created from maps originally developed by Bikerdude. - Patch section with rocks and vegetation surrounding the graveyard originally developed and arranged by Sotha for one of his missions. - Frobbox booster re-created from a map originally developed by Grayman. Special thanks to: - Springheel, Sotha, and Fidcal for the tutorials. Great work from all of you! - Destined, Grayman, ERH+, and Springheel for patiently answering my questions via PM. - Boiler’s_hiss for the hint how to change the church roof section - nbohr1more for moral support during a critical phase of the map development - Duzenko for improvement tips - all others not mentioned here who answered my questions in the Newbie thread or via PM. All new ambient music and sound effects written, performed and mixed by Jack Farmer. "S.urfer's Lament" (.ogg filename: "easyexit") featuring MC Deickler on the drums. More pictures:
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