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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings, as there seem to be few or no(?) visible developments getting the antiquated TDM codebase looking like something that came out this decade - what about taking all the TDM changes and forward porting them to a modern Doom 3 engine like: https://github.com/dhewm/dhewm3 Where you'd get (for 'free'); 64 Bit supportOpenAL - EFX == E.A.X.Better build supportLots of other fixes and things Ports for most platforms What would be nice to know is the depth and scope of TDM 'features' inserted into Doom3. The idea is to take bits from TDM (engine) itself that are unique and needed for TDM (mod) and re-insert these into a branch of dhewm3. Making a TDM-compatible dhewm3. as the final result. That way a modern, fast-moving codebase is leveraged immediately and TDM gains alot of goodies, without hair-pulling.
  2. I've recently posted this into another thread, but I thought I might as well make a thread about it. Regarding engine upgrading, I was wondering, it would perhaps be best to create a separate webpage dedicated to the TDM Engine, chiefly to document new features and updates that separate it from idtech4, but also to attract potential developers that can help improve it. Is there a github page for the code, or something like it?
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