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Found 1 result

  1. A pleasant weekend to all. I have currently gone back to working on the layout, structural and plot design for the FMs I am making. Nothing to do with DarkRadiant, a basic prototype of a mission I have is currently on hold while I plan out more of the specifics. As I was thinking about the mission I plan to finish and release first, all that pondering brought me to the following questions: What sort of plots, themes and settings could we feature more often in shorter fan missions ? Are there any elements in shorter FMs that repeat a little too often and could be replaced with something less well-trodden ? (Not necessarily original, there isn't much new stuff under the sun.) Creating short or shorter FMs is often encouraged in our community, especially for newbie authors (for practice reasons) and to the benefit of newbie players (a shorter mission can still be complex and also provide a bite-sized experience to an inexperienced player, before they try the longer and harder stuff). As a newbie author, I'd like to know what sort of elements could help a shorter FM stand out, and still remain a coherent, more accessible FM, even for someone totally new to playing TDM. Thank you kindly, all of you, for any advice on this.
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